Renewed: Eastbound & Down

This week HBO renewed Eastbound & Down, starring Danny McBride, for a fourth season.

This week HBO renewed Eastbound & Down, starring Danny McBride as KennyPowers, for a fourth season.

The cult series has eight more episodes which is something of a surprise.

“HBO definitely wants us, and [co-creator] Jody Hill and I love writing for the show,” McBride told EW earlier this year.

“But there is other stuff we’d like to do. Both of us are ready to make jokes concerning people who don’t have strange haircuts.”

After the final scenes of the third season it will probably mean writers need to dig deep. They appeared to chronicle the end of the Powers saga.

McBride told Digital Spy that season four will serve as “sort of an epilogue” to the first three seasons.

“For a while, we thought of this epilogue as something that was maybe like an hour-and-a-half special, and the more we talked about it, the more we thought it could be one more season,” he revealed.

However, he concluded: “Kenny Powers isn’t the sort of character where you can easily make 100 episodes and just keep it going forever. At some point, he becomes a caricature of himself and you lose the heart and the emotion of it.”

The show airs in Australia on Showcase and has been repeated on 7mate.

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