Renewed: Offspring

A day after strong figures for its season finale, TEN has announced a renewal for Offspring, for not one, but two more seasons.

The dramedy featuring Gold Logie nominee Asher Keddie will have 13 episodes each for its fourth and fifth seasons.

TEN’s Chief Programming Officer, David Mott, said: “The commissioning of two new seasons of Offspring further cements Network TEN’s ongoing commitment to producing high-quality Australian drama that has a unique and interesting voice.

“Our audience truly connects with the vibrant, bold and complex characters they have come to know and love over the past three years. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Australia’s favourite family.

“I congratulate (producers) John Edwards and Imogen Banks on delivering a truly remarkable series,” Mr Mott said.

Imogen Banks said: “It’s lovely to be part of a show that has been so warmly embraced. We’re thrilled to be heading into a fourth season – it’s a testament to the hard work of everyone involved.”

Season Three has enjoyed a lift in word of mouth with the finale pulling 1.08m viewers. The season has also increased with timeshifted viewing by an average of 178,000 people each week.

TEN’s upcoming Drama slate includes Puberty Blues, Underground: The Julian Assange Story, Reef Doctors and Mr and Mrs Murder, as well as the continuation of Neighbours.

Offspring is produced by Southern Star.


  1. Great news! While season 3 wasn’t as strong as the excellent season 2 it still was a great season and the show has come so far since the very hit and miss season 1. The best drama on OZ tv hands down. Everrthing from the music, the way its beautifully shot, the picturesque fitzroy locations and waldrobe of the characters! Excellent show!! Well done to all involved on the commissioning of the next 2 seasons..well deserved!!

  2. It is great the support 10 have shown this drama! It has built a loyal following! Well done to everyone involved! I am also glad there will be another 2 seasons!

  3. @ Goonies

    Sorry about the inadvertent internet sex change operation. Luckily the facts make make the reverse procedure painless. Unlike puberty or the real thing. 😉

    I’m still glad for you and for the people working on the show. Also I liked that film as a kid i.e. your username. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it though.

  4. it’s great and one of the few medical shows other than that Silly Show Scrubs when they have reruns of that on I don’t mind watching.Keep it up Ten

  5. awesome, i’m glad they’ve cut back a bit on Nina talking to herself though, it was starting to put me off. The show has its flaws but still heaps better than most American cr*p on the screens atm, a good mix of drama, comedy & romance.

  6. Congratulations to a great team making a great show! Also proving Australian drama that is intelligent and takes a few risks will be appreciated by a savvy audience more than ready to be surprised and challenged. More please! And please take note Seven, Nine, ABC and SBS!

  7. That will take it up to 65 episodes at which time the 20% rebate will cut out. 2014 may be an ideal time to bow out whilst its still doing well.

  8. “We can’t wait to see what’s next for Australia’s favourite family.”

    I have to agree with this. Unlike another TV family on air at the moment, this one is complex and interesting. Loving it, and that there are now 2 more seasons to look forward to!

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