Renovation blitzes the ratings, but Seven takes Sunday.

Ratings: At 1.64m viewers could Nine be mulling a return for Domestic Blitz? But the night goes to Seven.

Nine could be mulling a new series for Domestic Blitz based on the numbers it attracted last night for the Scott Cam / Jamie Durie renovation reunion.

The show pulled 1.64m viewers and topped the night.

There were some particularly healthy numbers to be had last night. It was Seven that topped the evening with 33.2% then Nine 29.0%, TEN 19.0%, ABC 12.1% and SBS 6.6%.

Seven News led for Seven on 1.51m then Sunday Night (1.38m), Downton Abbey (1.36m), Billy Connolly’s Route 66 (1.17m) and Castle (481,000). Wimbledon was 312,000 but there were an additional 305,000 topping multichannels on 7TWO.

Aside from Domestic Blitz, Nine’s other shows were Nine News (1.55m), 60 Minutes (1.36m), The Mentalist (838,000), and CSI Miami (328,000). The Mentalist ep 2 was 318,000 in 2 cities and Unforgettable was 307,000 in 3 cities.

Aside from MasterChef there’s clearly nothing super about TEN’s Sundays anymore. Thankfully it won its slot with 1.4m viewers but  the second place-getter New Girl was miles apart on just 520,000. TEN News was 467,000, Touch was 453,000, Last Man Standing was 418,000, The Project Sun was 306,000 and Formula One was 294,000 in 3 cities.

ABC1 had a tough night with ABC News at 765,000, Sporting Nation on 659,000, Wallander on 542,000, Compass on 287,000 and Antique Master on 226,000.

Tour de France led for SBS ONE with 264,000 then Inside Nature’s Giants (233,000), Clash of the Dinosaurs (221,000) and World News Australia (213,000).

Sunday 8 July 2012

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  1. Ten can’t call their sundays “Super” anymore cause when you look at those figures they are pathetic. Thankgod touch is gone, now they need to rid last man standing and have it on mondays only. New merlin would do better across new girl and last man standing

  2. Hey David i think i have asked before but ill do it again anyway…… When a different show with the same name (eg. The Footy Show) is on at the same time in different cities their Ratings are added together. But when the same show is simulcast on 2 different channels (eg Formula 1 or Wimbledon) why arent the figured added together?

    The F1 figures look terrible and i look forward to the rights going else where in the future but for now i cant imagine Ten is happy to advertise a show that is getting less than 300,000 viewers in the ratings. Any idea what it got on One in Adelaide & Perth?
    This split programming over 2 channels is Stupid!!!! Not to mention losing HD coverage. Put it back on One or give up the rights i say!!

    1. The News is merged every night of the week. And yes it is happening for AFL shows on both Nine and TEN.

      Networks have the option of merging numbers, and many have, when there is a simulcast. You can bet the Olympics will be merged.

  3. Last Man Standing seems to work better on Mondays, if I recall correctly, it was around 750k on Monday last week. I don’t know why they need to play two episodes a week though, and at two different times.

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