Returning: World’s Strictest Parents

Seven returns World's Strictest Parents for its 4th season next week in a PG-rated slot.

Seven returns World’s Strictest Parents for its 4th season next week, hosted by Axle Whitehead.

It airs in a PG-rated slot 9:30pm Tuesday July 17th.

Do not attempt this at home…..

This week, Aussie teens Euni, 18 and Sam, 16 head to Trinidad, where the teens discover that labour intensive tasks are a form of
punishment. They’re staying with the Bachews, a Catholic, Indo-Trinidadian family, with a strong belief in the value of education and hard work, and see the attitude of ‘the world owes me’ as the problem for bad youth today. They will not allow any smoking, drinking, swearing, body piercings or visible tattoos from their Australian visitors. Will some tough love for our Aussie teens help them to wake up to their unacceptable behaviour? 

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