Seven first, TEN second on Tuesday.

Ratings: MasterChef's Italian sojourn continues to draw a crowd, last night floating to the top and pushing TEN into second place.

MasterChef‘s Italian sojourn continues to draw a crowd, last night floating to the top of the heap. At 1.33m it helped TEN move into second place for the night.

But Seven won the evening with 29.2% then TEN 25.7%, Nine 22.7%, ABC 16.4%, and SBS 6.1%.

Seven News led for Seven on 1.27m then Today Tonight (1.15m), Winners and Losers (1.07m), Home and Away (945,000), Once Upon a Time (936,000), Pictures of You (720,000), Deal or No Deal (598,000), The Price is Right (324,000) and Fairly Legal (277,000).

Aside from MasterChef for TEN, NCIS  was 828,000, TEN News  was 805,000, Being Lara Bingle was 650,000, NCIS: LA was 540,000, The Project 6pm was 468,000 and TEN Late News was 222,000.

Nine News (1.21m) and ACA (1.00m) pulled a crowd for Nine but then the problems began. The Voice US (635,000) ranked lower than its Monday debut of 669,000, and was lower than Hot Seat‘s 728,000. Two Broke Girls settled for 501,000. Episodes was 430,000 / 417,000 (with the second episode highest). Survivor was 213,000.

ABC News was 956,000 for ABC1 then 7:30 (674,000), Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey (668,000), Race to London (556,000), Gordon’s Great Escape (399,000) and Time Team (271,000).

The Race (310,000) led SBS ONE then Who Do You Think You Are? (264,000) and World News Australia (185,000).

Neighbours was the best on multichannels with 329,000.

Tuesday 10 July 2012

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  1. I can confirm for you David that there was no 2 Broke Girls in regional centres in NSW at least. This is because WIN show a half-hour “local” news which pushes everything back. 2BG would have been removed in order for the schedule to fit.

    Which was fine by me. I love the show but WIN reception was awful last night. So I’ll catch it up tomorrow 🙂

  2. My EPG said last night there was 2 hours of The Voice, and I am sure it had no 2 Broke Girls on it.
    My PVR usually records it and has not got it there.

    Was 2 Broke Girls shown in all states and in regional areas last night ?

  3. I know ive said this before,but im really enjoying Once upon a time.I have no idea what ratings a show has to be getting before its scheduling is affected,but i hope ouat continues in its current time slot and not thrown into some other obscure,late time slot

  4. Kenny- I had a version on my computer and watched 9 at the same time and think the only edit in Episodes last night was 1 swear word was cut in the swearing monologue at the end (Ep 2 in Melb) where ep 1 was cut by at least 7-8 mins (as previously mentioned on this site).
    Still can’t see 9 sticking with this lineup looking at the numbers.

  5. MasterChef: Why no Bistecca Fiorentina? One of the great meat dishes of Tuscany that attracts “foodies” from all over the world. And you don’t go to Italy for offal when there are so many other wonderful choices!!!

  6. I really enjoyed Episodes – I love the blonde production assistant who did a lot by actually saying very little, just umming and nodding in agreement at everything.

    Although with those numbers I just hope Nine sticks with it although they’ll probably demote it to Gem or Go!

  7. Don’t know if Voice US will be out of tonight’s schedule but I’m certain that it will have been moved to GO by next Monday. Ten beat Nine in everything after 7pm so I would have been very surprised if Ten had not beat Nine overall.

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