Spartacus: War of the Damned: trailer

Warning: It’s about as bloody as they come…

But here is the trailer for the third and final season of Spartacus, which premieres in the US in January.



  1. The right decision to wrap this up – we all know how it ends and even 10 episodes to get to that end will be a tough call, never mind further series.

  2. I hate to say it, but I will probably pass on the last season of Spartacus. Blood and Sand/Gods of the Arena were fantastic (and I own them on Blu-ray), but Vengeance just wasn’t the same to me. Liam wasn’t a good replacement and Lesley-Ann Brandt was a far better Naevia, and the scripts and scenarios were more enjoyable in the pre-Vengeance.seasons.

  3. Mac, do you know the history? lol

    It’ll have a great ending though! Looks like they’re going to get the large scale stuff done right.

    I am torn about it ending. I want more, however I could see the show becoming really repetitive if they did two or more seasons. When with the history. It’s really just battle after battle. Where they can’t afford to loose at all. For a season. Awesome. Two or more seasons. How’d it not become repetitive with more and more contrived plots.

    I suspect there’ll be a spin off show about Crassus and Caesar after this.

    The show runner is moving on after this season with some insanely ambitious Sci-Fi show. Which will be interesting.

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