The (very) Late Show with David Letterman

Why is it that TEN is screening The Late Show with David Letterman at the super-late time of 1:15am?

Why is it that TEN is screening The Late Show with David Letterman at the super-late time of 1:15am?

Fans have to wait until ten year old episodes of Ally McBeal have finished in reruns, in order to see a show hot off the satellite.

Very strange. It doesn’t even air at 12:30 when it could logically follow the 11:30 screening of Craig Ferguson on ELEVEN.

A TEN spokesperson explained, “Letterman’s always been a late night show, and for now we are running some dramas but Letterman may well move up earlier later in the year, depending on other commitments.”

Clear as mud?

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  1. One thing that needs to be fixed is the foxtel guide not showing the guests.

    Craig is always entertaining but I just don’t have time to watch every show, or tape every show for the guest.

    Letterman is great also, although a less always amusing hilarious type of humor.

    Both shows I wish I could check easily the guests and tape when I want to watch.

  2. @stan = you’re right. Nine did treat Letterman terrible. It was a rarity that they aired it before 1am. And was always at unconsistant times in the middle of the night. I forgot that Nine aired this show (until you mentioned it was with them).

    I am happy, overall, with Ten and this show (apart from this brief ”experiment” they’re currently doing with the show)

  3. Man! People here have short memories. When Nine had Letterman they never screened him before midnight & it was mostly after 1am. With that in mind, he’s getting the royal treatment at TEN. I think it’s a good thing TEN are cutting down on the number of infomercials aired (same can’t be said for Southern Cross Ten though).

  4. i was thinking about this over the last few nights (on why the show was pushed back!), so i’m glad you brought this up.

    i was happy with Letterman airing at 11.15 each night, and then realised that it started airing late. I thought it was just a once off, but guess not after tuning in each night.

    If the News aired at 10.30 on the dot, i can see a new drama air at 11.15, with Letterman air by 12.15am at the latest. But airing Ally MacBeal instead is just nonsence. Why air a late program there, instead of a nightly new show?

    Silly Ten, just silly stuff by the programmers!

  5. Late night programming should be striped and simple so no marketing / promotion is required. Give people the same thing at the same time every night and they start tuning in by default. Having hour long and different dramas coming on every night at 11.15 or 11.30 is messy and confusing and you are relying on the aud you have watching to stay for the next show.
    Make it simple and easy with a broad appeal show and become a late night destination.
    Cartoon Network/Adult Swim does Huge ratings in the US with stripped cartoons late at night.

    Why not:

    Weeknights on Ten
    10.30 Ten Late News
    11.00 The Simpsons
    11.30 Futurama
    12.00 Seinfeld
    12.30 Letterman

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