1. David why was Survivor: One World shown in only 2 cities?
    Survivor: One World should rate much better than what it was rating, Ch9 should put it on earlier next year because it’s the Best Show on Earth.

  2. Im a bit worried about the numbers that OUAT got.Im just wondering if its ratings are being affected by the MC final week and perhaps the changes in its scheduling recently.I know i dont like changes when im watching a show,because then it starts interfering with other shows i might have planned to watch.I like consistency and reliability.I think its also a big commitment for people when its on more then once a week.Anyway hope the numbers pick up and that Seven doesnt continue to mess about with it.

  3. I’m just finding in the lead up to the Olympics there isn’t a whole heap on television keeping me engaged. I think the problem is I’m not into Masterchef (I was overseas for a month so I knew I wasn’t going to be able to follow it so I just didn’t bother getting involved).

    So that causes a problem with the 7pm timeslot which is right when I’m sitting down to dinner.

    With Nine putting on the US Voice – which is a big commitment in terms of time in front of the box (you start at 7pm and it goes for a couple of hours) – and the winners already being known – I just haven’t bothered. So I usually end up watching either Go or 7Mate with their sitcom repeats.

    Once Upon A Time I’ve missed too much (from when The Voice and The Block were on) so bought the dvd while OS. Revenge was the same – dvds ready for the weekend. I’d rather gouge out my own eyes than watch anything involving Kyle Sandilands. Up until Wednesday, I only really watch Winners and Losers regularly. Wednesday I do the ABC thing – made a lot more appealing with Gruen Sweat – really looking forward to that! Otherwise its a lot of flicking – and I think a lot of people are doing the same – where you have these shows that start at 7pm and go for hours, if you aren’t into them, there aren’t many other “prime channel” options.

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