Uh oh. MasterChef All Stars cooks Nine’s Olympic preview

Ratings: Nine's Olympic preview finishes fourth in its slot as MasterChef: All Stars tops the night.

Is this a sign of things to come? MasterChef: All Stars topped the night with 1.25m viewers while Nine’s Olympic preview Let the Games Begin only ranked 486,000 -fourth in its slot.

Hopefully when the medals start rolling in it will be a different story, but those numbers while have Nine execs rather jittery today.

Seven Network was 31.3% then Nine 26.2%, TEN 22.1%, ABC 14.8% and SBS 5.6%.

Seven News was best for Seven with 1.24m followed by Today Tonight (1.04m), Home & Away (943,000), Criminal Minds (937,000), Deal or no Deal (552,000), Grey’s Anatomy (521,000), Better Homes and Gardens (516,000 in 3 cities),  The Force (510,000 in 2 cities), and Border Security (461,000 in 2 cities).

Hamish & Andy’s Euro Gap Year and Nine News both scored 1.11m for Nine then ACA (893,000), The Footy Show (759,000), Big Bang (670,000), Hot Seat (596,000). Let the Games Begin was 486,000. in fourth place.

MasterChef: All Stars (1.25m) for TEN. Modern Family was 756,000, TEN News was 703,000, Thursday Night Football was 511,000, The Project 6pm was 451,000, Law and Order: SVU was 316,000.

ABC News was 929,000 for ABC1 then Absolutely Fabulous (667,000), 7:30 (612,000), Paper Giants (340,000) and River Cottage (265,000).

Sicily Unpacked was 270,000 on SBS ONE then Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (218,000) and World News Australia (179,000).

Neighbours led multichannels with 323,000.

The Morning Show: 145,000
Mornings: 117,000
The Circle:  62,000

Thursday 26 July 2012

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  1. To all you sport haters, you’re choice.
    Dayman- she sounds like my type of lady!
    I’m afraid that ch9 will really butcher the coverage with too much of the studio fluff of personalities and interviews. Cut the crap, and show us sports and not just bloody swimming

  2. @Dayman Totally agree with you. Not everyone follows sport (myself included), but why is it that people are always shot down for saying so? During the Olympics I’ll be watching something else.

  3. @Jason

    Sorry but i found it the most boring show i have seen all year. The set was great as was the desk but it was just boring boring boring. I wish i watched Masterchef Live instead of on delay.

    Good to see Criminal Minds doing very well. In Sydney alone it got over 320k which is awesome. If it was on 8:30pm around the country i am sure it would be sitting on the 1.1m mark.

    Back to the Olympics, i love them and i will be watching the 8 stunning HD channels on Foxtel and going nowhere near Nine. Whats even better is Once is on 3 times next week plus Masterchef All Stars its a win win for me.

  4. @ Dayman….you are right on the money….anyone taking annual leave so they can watch the Olympics overnight and early morning deserves to be ditched….good onya for making a stand…

  5. @Dayman I’ve know of several people who have taken annual leave to watch the Olympics. I know of plenty more who wish they could (My husband being one of them -although I admit I can think of better ways to spend my holidays:-)

  6. @Dayman, you broke up with a woman simply because she dared take her annual leave to coincide with the Olympics???? I did the exact same thing in 2004 – took my holidays and spent two weeks on my couch watchig the Athens Games – loved it, it was a blast!!!! I wouldn’t worry if I were Nine – once the games begin, they will get the ratings. The Olympics always rates its head off, there is no reason to think these Games will be any different. Can’t say I’m overly enamoured with their commentators, but I am going to watch Foxtel’s coverage, not Nine’s, so it won’t really affect me.

  7. Could you just clear up the Footy show ratings numbers.
    These figures are obviously Australia wide so does the 759,000 just average out regardless of code Nines numbers at 9.30,where does the variation in what numbers Sydney and Brisbane get with NRL obviously are completely different from the states that show the AFL?

  8. I don’t care about the Olympics. I’m just putting that out there.

    To me it seems people have just bought into the idea they should care. I just don’t understand why people would watch a huge majority of the coverage.

    I was recently dating a nice lady but things were a bit past the peak. The decision she was wrong for me and I should end it came when she mentioned she was considering taking her work holidays during the olympics so she could sit at home watching as much as she could…

    To me that’s… wtf. It’s just so pointless.

  9. This is completely unsurprising, people are generally suspicious of desperate ratings ploys which this was. People know the Olympics start tonight, they will tune In big.

    Having said that, the reason this Olympics will rate way less than Sydney and Beijing is the time zone being so far out of our own. Live sport won’t start till 8, and most medals will be early morning.

  10. I have a feeling these Olympics will do pretty poorly in ratings and the coverage will be terrible. I am a massive Olympics fan, usually get up whatever hour for the opening ceremony and any big events. But this year i really am not fussed. No excitement at all. Nine probably has a slight reason for this. All the people they’ve picked Eddie McGuire, karl Stefanovic, Cam Williams, Ken Sutcliffe, James Brayshaw….i can’t stand any of them.
    And if Seven had the games, i reckon they’d use all 3 multichannels. It hasn’t started but i can already see Nine’s coverage being well below par.

  11. I wasnt sure how Masterchef All Stars would rate just after MCA had finished the night before,but well done MC All Stars.It was a great start,with a good mix of past favourite and familiar faces.Be interesting to see how it does against the Olympics,but at least it gives people an alternative.

  12. Jezza, don’t give them any ideas, you know they’ll bloody do it.

    That said, who would care about the preview? Once the Olympics start properly, we can all migrate to Foxtel’s eight channels. Eddie Everywhere can’t be on all eight at the same time 😉

    If he does…then may God have mercy on us all.

  13. Nine’s Olympics preview Let the Games Begin was very good. It was on par with great earlier presentations from years ago by Nine’s Wide World of Sports. I hope the presentation of the Olympics from Nine goes well. Quite possibly, many sleepless nights ahead.

  14. If the Olympics do not rate for ch9 they can always ditch them and show them later in the year. Far better to put eps of BBT on instead, even The Voice USA rated better. The games are all on at the wrong times….

  15. David where abouts in Melbourne is Chris’ restaurant?

    I thought MasterChef All-Stars was great. Really good seeing familiar faces return and the three teams competing against each other.

    I had forgotten how much I liked Callum too!

  16. Nine definitely should be concerned with that number. Interesting to see how the opening ceremony will do tomorrow in comparison to previous Olympics. The early Saturday start time might prevent many from getting up.

    Closer than usual mid-morning numbers. Any correlation between those and the breakfast ratings?

  17. Stronger numbers for The Footy Show – the best this year so far.
    As for Masterchef All Stars, what a brilliant program! I’m just happy to see Chris back in the masterchef kitchen! It been a long time since series 1!

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