Where’s George Negus? Where’s Mike Munro?

When George Negus & Mike Munro finished with high-profile shows, TEN & Seven said they would keep them on. But where are they?

They are both news journos who have been around for decades and recently hailed as major weapons in the battle of news and current affairs.

But these days you’d be hard pressed to spot George Negus on TEN or Mike Munro on Seven. Both remain with their respective networks despite departing high profile shows, but where?

Last year George Negus led TEN’s charge in its early evening News and Current Affairs assault. Negus had proven popular on the then-titled 7PM Project. He even quit Dateline and SBS to front 6pm with George Negus, which later became 6:30 with George Negus. Despite attracting praise for offering serious content, the show failed to attract a big enough audience while management changed tack on the revamped approach for News.

But when TEN axed his show, it said Negus would be returning to The Project. This year he has barely been seen, most notably absent following the infamous storm that enveloped The Circle after comments about Corp. Ben Roberts-Smith.

Negus is not regularly utilised by The Project, TEN News, TEN Late NewsBreakfast or Meet the Press with his last appearances around late February.

A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight, “George Negus is still under contract with Network TEN. He made appearances on The Circle and The Project earlier this year.”

Mike Munro came out of ‘retirement’ to co-host Sunday Night in 2009 with Chris Bath on Seven. But by April 2011, and after rumours of friction with his co-host (denied by all parties), he stepped aside to file stories on the road -cited as his preference to being studio-bound.

By late last year he was no longer on the road for Sunday Night and in March Seven conceded he had left the show altogether, but would continue to work across other news and public affairs shows. So far he is yet to file for Today Tonight or Sunrise.

Seven confirmed his most recent appearance was on June 25 on Seven News, which is not that long ago, really. But these would appear to be for the Sydney bulletin rather than a national presence.

“He has done some stories for Seven News and will read the occasional news bulletin down the track,” a spokesperson said.

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  1. Face it people australia doesnt want inteligent people who have something interesting and non generic to say. If by some chance the people want them the network executives dont. Although its not that bad for either of them if they are continuing to get paid.

  2. Thank God for no more of that He took away our Simpsons George Negus.I know the Cartoon is on 11 now but what on earth were they thinking replacing Homer and Bart with some boring.

  3. I’ve seen Mike on Seven News in Sydney, but George Negus has dropped off the face of the earth. I have not seen him on The Project in months. I suspect he has been sent to TV purgatory for his role in the Ben Roberts-Smith debacle, he’s probably been put on gardening leave till his contract runs out.

  4. A few people have disappeared from The Project, including Steve Vizard. Half the time they don’t get to say much as the program is totally dominated by Dave Hughes. My favourite Project night is the one when he’s not there. His regular replacement Limo is miles better.

  5. Seen Mike Munro’s stories on 7news Sydney recently, he done 2 stories, they were great and it was great to have him on TV reporting. Really hope the line about him reading bulletins soon is true.
    Hopefully a return of a show like ‘Sunday’ on 7 for him?

  6. I was thinking the same thing about George. Haven’t seen any of him since the apology blitz after The Circle kerfuffle. Funny how Hamish McDonald was doing reports for his show and now a year later the protege has become the star of the Network

    As for Mike?… well… we all know Chris Bath snapped her fingers and he was taken away.

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