Airdate: Big Brother Confidential

Nine launches a Big Brother offshoot programme, Big Brother Confidential in the second week of the rebooted series.

It will launch at 10:10pm Wednesday August 22nd -not on GO! as many had expected.

Get the inside scoop! Late night headlines, unseen action and talking points from the Big Brother House.

Previous seasons on TEN had various off-shoots including Up Late, Adults Only, Uncut and Big Mouth.


  1. I have to agree with the other comments here,it would be stupid if they didn’t use GO to their fullest advantage.Maybe after a couple of weeks,depending on how the show goes,they might add an up late type show or some kind of similar offshoot on GO.

  2. @Josh777, agree fully! They haven’t really strategised that as well as I thought. They need to make use of GO!…it would be stupid for them not to.

  3. Good to have a late night version offered but why would you not utilise your teen-30s dedicated channel? The channel is the perfect place to have BB content and instead they only have half an hour a week on it – seriously don’t know what they were thinking there.

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