Airdate: Excused

Next week ELEVEN kicks off a new US dating show on Friday nights.

Excused, hosted by Iliza Shlesinger, uses the slogan “Rejection has never been funnier.”

It’s a dating show that embraces CCTV and public humiliation, so you know it’s good. Excused starts off with two lovely ladies inside a Hollywood mansion who have several hopeful suitors after their affection. But the men must make it past a few hurdles in order
to make it to true love, starting with the security camera at the front door. It’s instant dismissal for the boys who fail to impress Savanna and Rachel on door-cam, but four lucky guys make it pass the threshold. Let’s call them singlet guy, clap man, party-started dude, and cheeks. We won’t ruin all the surprises, but let’s just say the rest of the episode involves two bizarre dates in the world’s most boring park, and a hot tub. Why is there always a hot tub?

9pm Friday September 7th ELEVEN.

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