Airdate: Kath & Kim: The Souvenir Editions

Seven’s repackaged episodes of Kath and Kim will air from 7:30pm this Sunday night.

It features new introductions by Kath and Kim.

It’s wine time! With never before seen footage of Fountain Lakes’ favourite hornbags, Kath Day-Knight and Kim Craig (nee Day), are back and are cracking open the ‘cardonnay’ as they present some of the funniest and most memorable episodes from their hit suburban TV series. Presented by members of the Kath and Kim family.

Meanwhile Magda Szubanski told AAP she wasn’t sure if there would be a fifth season.

“Every time we do a project with Kath and Kim we really just do it when we feel it’s right, when we feel that there’s something still to be said.

“The general feeling I’m getting from people in the street and round about is that people are keen for it and excited so that’s great.”

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  1. As much as I love Kath & Kim, and am really looking forward to the movie, I honestly think they’re done with and belong in the past. Riley and Turner are talented people, they should try something else

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