Airdate: Tony Robinson’s Time Walks

Another locally-produced series featuring Tony Robinson will premiere on the History Channel next month, this time it’s Tony Robinson’s Time Walks.

Produced by WTFN Entertainment, this time Robinson brings us the history found on Australian streets, from Hobart to Brisbane.

In episode one, Robinson visits Fremantle, which began life as a place of punishment. The magnificently preserved sandstone prison conceals a thousand stories, but the ethnically diverse port city has since been the site of some of Australia’s greatest triumphs – and bitter disappointments.

Acclaimed British actor and comedian Tony Robinson, host of the most successful series ever on The History Channel, returns to Australia to present an intriguing new series, Tony Robinson’s Time Walks, on September 10 at 7.30pm.

Best-known for his role as Baldrick in the cult comedy Blackadder, Tony has several successful television productions under his belt including Time Team and the hugely popular Tony Robinson Explores Australia which is, to date, the highest-rating series ever on The History Channel.

In this revealing new 10-part voyage of discovery, Tony brings his signature storytelling approach to Australia’s streets, his mission being to uncover the hidden history that lies behind, below and above the places Australians walk every day.

And while they are all established walks that tourists and locals already visit, Tony digs even deeper to draw out the incredible hidden drama of the area’s past.

“To be hosting another series for The History Channel is very, very exciting,” said Tony.

“Although Australia is a relatively young country, it has an incredibly rich and vibrant history and I was delighted to discover the strange and quirky stories that were played out on the streets every day.”

In each half-hour episode, Tony finds a different postcode absolutely laden with fascinating stories.

He roams through laneways, divulging tales of crimes and recounting acts of bravery, notable characters and showdowns which have shaped the area.

The cities and towns explored in Tony Robinson’s Time Walks are, in order: Fremantle, Melbourne, Hobart, Bendigo, Newcastle, Carlton, Brisbane, St Kilda, Woolloomooloo and Adelaide.

Monday, September 10 at 7.30pm on History.

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