Amazing Race (US) ups the prize to $2m

Now $1M is no longer the benchmark on US television shows, with The Amazing Race now doubling the loot to a whopping $2million.

Not sure if it’s a first, but it’s a first for The Amazing Race. Take that Survivor!

It begins in the US in September.



  1. The oz version was rubbish, the prize money crap, the editing crap and the contestants well… who? was more cringe worthy was where the true contest was.

  2. The only bigger prize on American TV is $5m from The X Factor. This is huge huge money. Even i would sign up for it. Mind you the US does tax a lot of winnings. Hoping this is fast-tracked either on Mate or Seven.

  3. Seven needs to schedule it on the main channel at a decent time, not late at night like they did with season 20, otherwise move the US version over to 7mate. Maybe for season 3 of the Aussie version, Seven can up the prize money from $250,000 to $500,000?

  4. To be honest, the $250,000 of the Aussie version is enough. $2 million on the line will just make the game less friendly, and in that regard the US version already suffers enough compared to the Aussie version.

  5. 7 really should give this a decent timeslot. A lot of word of mouth surrounded TAR Aus and I think they will get a decent audience if scheduled well.

  6. The season of Amazing Race Aus was the first time I have ever seen it before, I have friends that love it.
    I might start watching the US version if treated well by Seven, otherwise I wont bother.

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