Auditions: The Amazing Race Australia

Seven is now calling for contestants for the third season of The Amazing Race Australia.

Season Two has again been well-produced by activeTV but a little hard to follow with so many scheduling changes by Seven.

If you want to compete you need to be 21 years of age or older and apply as a pair.

Other conditions also apply. Entries close October 30th 2012.

You can check it out here .


  1. @Mia The Aussie version is not just “every bit as good as the original” – it is better.

    The teams are so well cast, Grant Bowler is a fantastic choice for host (rather than having the usual Seven suspects Grant Denyer, Daniel MacPherson, etc). and the challenges are epic.

    Bravo Seven. Shame a lot of people will miss the finale tomorrow in favour of Big Brother (lame show!) and Puberty Blues (brilliant show!).

  2. So glad to heard of TARA’s renewal. It’s rare to see an international reality franchise that is so well cast and produced that it is every bit as good as the original.

  3. This show isn’t produced from the Petty Cash tin. It’s expensive, it shows, but it’s great TV. And not one topless chick, gratuitous sex, profanity or over-the-top product placement needed. Well done active tv and Seven.

  4. I’m pleasantly stunned. As well as activeTV have done with another terrific season, I was certain it would have proven too expensive to produce by now.

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