Big Brother fans take to social media calling for live feeds

First the Olympics, now viewers are bombarding Nine with social media messages, unhappy with Big Brother.

Fans of Big Brother are taking to social media to send their message to Nine about wanting Live Feeds for the rebooted Reality series.

It follows thousands of viewers sending messages to Nine about the Olympics through social media.

A YouTube clip “Not Happy Big Brother” is pleading for ” information 24/7, more details of discussions, more footage of events, more ways to connect, more ways to get to know this year’s housemates.”

Facebook page is asking fans to “Like if you think Big Brother needs to bring back UpLate and Live Feeds.”

Behind Big Brother website says, “The consensus among viewers returning from older seasons is that Big Brother has been sterilised to the point of becoming boring, and they’re now tuning out. One fan from our own forums described this season as “diet Big Brother”.

Twitter is also bursting with fans asking for online feeds.

MX Melbourne newspaper tweeted: Should they bring back #BBAU Up late? Uncut? RT @kpopanda: @mxmelbourne its so boring. Just watching to hear @mikeygold ‘s voice

One of those tweeting all the calls for UpLate to return is BB narrator Mike Goldman. He even retweeted TV Tonight‘s article about Nine’s lack of Live Feeds. Go Mikey.

Nine says it is happy with the series and rejected calls for online vision.


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  1. @ Hoin….why the hell would ch9 sell BB back to ch10 to give them a lift when they have hit rock bottom. Surely ch9 would like to see them down and out all the time?

  2. Channel TEN should immediately approach Nine about buying Big Brother and moving it to TEN. After all, in 1986 Ten bought the rights to Neighbours after it had failed on Seven and turned it into an international TV (and music) phenomenon.

    BB and Nine was always a bad fit and Nine was never able to have the show reach its full potential. They lacked the timeslots and Net backup to replicate what TEN was able to do with the franchise.

    TEN is currently in crisis with all its new shows bombing and being able to bring BB back into their schedule would turn the network around and put it back on track.

  3. Channel 9 won on the @l^mp!cs. Firstly, Foxtel kicked in for the rights intending to sell the multichannel package to viewers and make a lot of money. That failed and they ended up giving it away to their regular sports package customers. Foxtel’s 8 channels averaged about 700,000 viewers in total during prime time, spread over 8 channels that is only around 200,000 for most popular events and less for most of them which would have generated little advertising revenue . They lost financially on the deal.

    Secondly, Channel 9 can’t afford to service its debt and if they had paid for exclusive coverage and multichanneled the games they would be in an even greater financial mess. Thirdly wasn’t it all part of a 3 ^l&mp#cs contract signed years ago? So all set in stone long ago.

    If you want to watch coverage of whole events you buy Foxtel basic + sports. If you want to see the most popular events and medals, which is what most people want, then Channel 9’s coverage was excellent and free. And was watched by 1.6M viewers a night. A few people complaining that Channel 9 wouldn’t give them Foxsports for free is irrelevant.

    As for Big Brother: the ACMA has cracked down on such things and it no longer possible. As a broadcast licence holder you can’t show BB porn late at night or stream it without being fined, risking losing your licence and being legally liable for whatever happens. That is why Channel 10 dumped BB in the first place. BB either succeeds on FTA in a PG or M rated timeslot, when they there are large numbers of viewers to pay for it, or it vanishes. It’s not like there isn’t enough webcam porn for those who want it outside the broadcast system.

  4. S5000, I think you’ll find the truth surprising.

    Speaking for myself ( although I know there are many others out there ) I have never been interested in big brother for nudity. It wouldn’t bother me if it was never shown and there was no such thing as the uncut or adults only shows.

    What I really miss is Uplate. It truly was a great show. It had live streaming from the house showing what was going on at the time. If nothing was going on then, they would show something from earlier. It would also tell you what had been happening in the house that day via Mike Goldman. Other highlights included occasional chats with evicted housemates or those from previous seasons letting you know what they’ve been up to or what they think of it all now.

    Uncut/adults only can rot and never be heard or seen of again for all I care. Uplate was truly the best show big brother had (though I found FNL to be good fun as well).

  5. To: #John Jackson

    Totally im with you what your saying… It does feel like… well if its not live webcams available it sure feels like if all this big brother daily reallity show was actually recorded weeks ago making it feel like it was only done just yesturday… It feels like that. I wouln’t be too suprise if thats how it is.. making all of us believe its was film yesturday but more of film weeks ago making you believe it was just yesturday during the daily show. I don’t no.. It feels like channel 9 is hiding us the idea of not responding why there is no live feedcams. Perhaps they do have plans for live feed cams.. Just maybe not at the mean time. The update is complete confusing. I heard 2 mates have entered the house on the weekend….. but then realise that was disapeared and was a hoax or spam or who knows… The update is lack and the update is confusing. They only tell you if somehting important apears. But they wont tell you exactly what each hosuemate are really doing lets say at this minute of time rather then write something that really something is going on. The update is lacking and slow. No webcams makes the show it was fake and never live nor made yesturday. But one thing is.. Choose one: uplate with goldman or webcam ?

  6. Here’s something interesting. The point I complained about with it being unclear in the official sites of what was going on. As they’re teasers for the daily show. Even though the teases are longer than the show will be.

    Anyway the example revolving who kissed who(which i don’t actually care about). The online video has been slightly extended at the beginning to now include who the male was.

    What this means, I don’t know. Either the rushed nature of putting clips online. Or releasing how pointless they were. Or something else.

  7. When watching that video with poor grammar, I couldn’t help but read it with the voice of the boy in the Wheelchair from Malcolm In The Middle.

    Everyone just want Uncut back so they can see some T&A(&P) on FTA, and they’re lying if they say otherwise.

  8. monday night my impression was “this is boring and rushed” tuesday night my impression was “this is just sad” wednesday night my impression was “yawn” thursday night… well i didn’t bother watching same with friday and today i deleted the website from my bookmarks unfollowed on twitter and facebook.

    I knew the show wouldn’t work and I knew it really wouldn’t work with the “family friendly” idea. the fans of the show want to see people losing there shit over who ate the bread or who drank the milk, we dont want to see an hour of people sitting around talking about there feelings, if we wanted that we would home and away… then again there is more drama on that show.

    big brother is about getting naked, acting like a tool, doing a bum dance, pranks and doona dancing… big brother isn’t something you watch with mum and dad.

  9. Dayman – This is what I was thinking too. Without Uplate and/or 24/7 streaming it might as well be fake and a fully scripted show.

    Fans can’t get access to unedited flowing footage for a good while. Because of that anything could be happening in that house and we would be none the wiser. Maybe Big Brother has let them all out on an excursion for the day. Maybe they are going through their lines and scripts in preparation for when Big Brother tells them the cameras are rolling again, etc.

    Really what is it going to take for 9 to show a little leniency here. I don’t understand why they’re holding back in this day and age not only with more internet connectivity but also with having three tv channels to choose from.

  10. Don’t forget the value fans not watching the streams can get from reading comments and reports from those watching them. To get a better insight. The online videos are actually infuriating because they deliberately put no context for a lot of them. They’re done as teasers for the dailyshow.Yet when from yesterday and today these teaser videos are in total longer than the 22min daily show worth of content we’ll get on sunday. It’s impossible they’ll ever get to most of this stuff.

    They need to at least start putting up longer clips online ASAP. Put whole conversations and discussion. Not A minute or so with no context or conclusion. Often missing vital information to understand what went on. A perfect example is there’s a couple videos up there hinting that estelle and someone made out after Bradleys party. Doesn’t say who it was with.

    Might as well be a scripted a show, with planned tweets for the suggestion it was live to get us to tune in.

  11. So much has put into work for this house of big brother and its property take over for channel 9 and new producers. They new that if no cams where available they new 100% plenty of bb fans would be angry. But thats where the arogant comes along. They do it to make you watch the daily show more then normal. It would be good to see the webcams sooner then been too late. BB has only begin over a week now.. So give us fans a fair go. Listern to the audience.

    Uplate would be an optional as well. Its funny how some years ago when channel ten has the uplate show with the trivia uplate well channel 9 and channel 7 did the very exact thing.. a uplate trivia from around 12midnight till 2am. So i don’;t see no issue in brining the uplate for bb show. However maybe there be some news discussion of why there has not been any uplate shows and webcams on the bb website. So check that on wed around 1012pm on wed for a big brother special programe. So im sure there be some “news” in relation to webcams and uplate issues where many fans australia wide are arge to have this to keep us fans happier.

    In regards to all this.. hard to believe i don’t fully regonise the big brother house in full view yet. And all they do is focus peoples faces but the rest is do you know where the bedrooms are located? do you know where the shower area is located? course i don’t and they havn’t fully shown the house correctly. Shame on.

  12. @Jezza…. That Ch9 Olympics wasnt homebrand…they flew heas of people over there including sports reporters for the news…Ch7 Athens was homebrand when thry sent hardly anyone.


  13. A few points…
    It feels like ch9 allowed more daily screen time during the Olympics promoting the show than the actual length of a daily show…eg 6 mins of promo per hour times 15-20 hours a day.

    Ch9 do not have any money, their parent company has a debt mountain believed to be around $2.5billion. They simply can not afford to produce extra programmes, just like they could not afford a couple more streams during the Olympics.

    What we are getting from ch9 is ‘homebrand’ tv, you know, the cheapo version of the real thing. We have just had Homebrand Olympics and now we have Homebrand Big Brother.

    It is unlike to change cos the ch9 nanny state knows best…

  14. I’m a massive Big Brother fan, but who cares about the live streaming anymore, what’s the point Nine aren’t going to listen to us, and do anything about it, that one will be the hardest one to get from Nine. But they should bring back at least UpLate with Mike Goldman, that one should be easy, they already have everything they need. So C’mon Nine with that now you are really being Stupid!!!

  15. I am a BB fan, I have watched every show. every year. since Day 1.

    The BB format is ‘not’ a family friendly format, and what channel 9 are doing by trying to make it family friendly is ‘killing it’!
    It hasn’t just been sanitised, it’s been sterilised!

    We ‘need Uplate badly, preferably on GO for 2 hours late at night, so Mike Goldman can give us more of an overview of what’s happening, and let us see it.
    If they don’t do this, we will never get to know the housemates at all on a 20min diet of family friendly rubbish each day at 7pm.

    Truist me, the way 9 are doing it is going to kill it off, unless they wake up and make changes.

    Trouble is, 9 don’t have a good track record of listening to the viewers!

  16. They’ve only brought back half a show. Its a considerable investment having people in a house being monitored 24/7, why block out the viewer? Its not going to make them conform to when you want them to view the show, they just wont tune in at all

  17. As my local paper,The Advertiser said today in what’s wrong with BB,”In trying too hard to snare the family vote,there’s not enough warts-and-all footage such as a late-night edition or a live feed”,it basically sums it up.
    Many people recognise having live feeds and some sort of up-late edition is vital for this type of format to succeed and be at its best.A half-hour edited daily show is not enough for people to truly connect with the housemates.The whole concept works on people being the ‘fly on the wall’ at any given moment,day or night.The problem is when will Nine realise this?

  18. Btw. this is the riveting live update 9 just posted on the Official BB site: bigbrother.com.au/blog.aspx?blogentryid=1035928&showcomments=true

    I didn’t watch too much crow action..perhaps it gets better.

  19. Nine seem very arrogant about recognising issues. It’s one thing sticking by your production decisions in the face of critique, and another realising you have made such bad decisions that you need to ‘do’ something.

    I look at the 9 and BB FB page most days to see what is being said. Extreme diehard fans will remain fans no matter what and the hope to become a ‘Super fan’ – which means having your picture in the house (that seems to be it) but perhaps there are surprises down the track – is holding some of them in hope.

    However, those ‘extreme’ fans are in the small minority and most who have been posting as strong fans are now starting to say..”this sucks”.

    I am paraphrasing but one of the best comments was “you are showing them eating and drinking, a little conversation and the occasional moment with BB..when does the show start?”

    Nine removed too many production elements that fans came to love and Nine would have known that. But, once again, they arrogantly ignore what the audience have told them and are replacing it with boring television.

    NBN also didn’t show the half hour BB Friday night so, just like the lack of decent Olympic schedule and preparing an audience, Nine (and NBN) are also failing here by keeping in touch and telling people what is going on.

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