Big Brother: week 1

Nine has confirmed more details of its first broadcast week of Big Brother.

Hosted by Sonia Kruger it will screen six days a week with Sunday to Friday daily shows, live eviction shows (Sunday) and live nominations (Monday).

There will also be a 6pm Daily show on GO! on Sundays. There are no Up Late editions planned.

Big Brother Launch Week:

Monday 7pm: Big Brother Premiere:
Finally, it’s here! The first of our housemates are revealed. Find out their secrets and if they can keep them. How will they handle living with zero contact from the outside world, with their every move filmed 24/7?

Tuesday 7pm: Big Brother Special (LIVE): How have the Housemates handled their first 24 hours in the house? Tonight we meet more housemates and their secrets begin to unravel.

Wednesday 7pm: Big Brother Special: The final puzzle pieces are in place and the housemates will be asked to match the secrets to their correct owners.

Thursday 7pm: Big Brother Daily Show: The housemates will be confronted by their first task.

Friday 7pm: Big Brother Daily Show: The results of their first task are revealed; have they passed or not – and what are the consequences?

Sunday 6pm: Big Brother Daily Show (on GO!): The housemates first weekend in the house.

Sunday 6.30pm: Big Brother: Secrets Revealed (LIVE): Can the housemates match the secrets to their owners?

Forty two cameras and 108 microphones will capture every moment of the 14 housemates as they embark on a social competition before the nation.

More than 20,000 people around the country auditioned for this series of Big Brother, with housemates chosen from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

The Big Brother house has been fully redesigned and refurbished taking on the theme of “Past, Present and Future.”

Big Brother housemates will share communal living, eating, sleeping and bathing areas in the 42 metre by 55 metre complex, which includes the infamous Big Brother Diary Room.

Filmed at Dreamworld on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Big Brother employs 300 staff and seven kilometres of cable runs between the production control room and the Big Brother house. Approximately 4,368 hours of footage will be recorded each week from which producers will have just 12 hours to compile a daily program.

A mammoth undertaking by the Nine Network, Big Brother will also offer viewers daily in-depth updates and features via the official internet site, Facebook – and Twitter @BBAU9.

Dreamworld expects a combined total of more than 40,000 people will tour the production site and attend the live programs. Tickets for the site tour and live shows are available through Ticketek-

Big Brother is produced by Southern Star Entertainment for the Nine Network Australia.


  1. Really sad that there is no Friday Night Games, and having only a half hour show a week on GO! seems a bit of a waste seems though they could be showing nightly shows. I have been waiting for this to return ever since it got cancelled by TEN, so I’ll definitely give the first week a shot – but if the schedule is anything to go by Nine might have just made too many changes.

  2. That media report could have been copied directly from one of TENs when they ran it.

    You would have thought that now with “social media” all the rage and multichannels available Nin could have completely revamped the whole thing.

    But no, all we’ll get is pretty much the same as it always was. As for housemates …they’ll be no different too.

  3. This is going to be a barker on Nine. Two weeeks after launch it will be on GO with massive advertiser make goods airing on Nine…..really the most ‘Un Nine’ show ever. Its got ‘fail’ written all over it.

  4. @ Moanique – I agree with you entirely….hopefully viewers have matured and will not tune into of this celluloid fodder…shame on Channel 9 for bringing back a program which should have been left dead and buried….hoping Channel 9 have a massive flop on their hands with this thing and that they lose millions of $$…

  5. I am glad Friday Night Games are not on. Did nothing for me. I predict, if they have the casting right, that BB will do better than the alternate reality offerings on Ten and X Factor on 7.

    Also, I have continued to watch The Voice US and the final four tonight are excellent so should be a good finale. But it is not rocket science to work out that if the channels do not screen the show the same or next night to the American screening, there is little or no interest as was shown in Nine’s ratings of The Voice US.

    That goes for the current two year old screening of The Bachelor – don’t bother unless it is shown fast tracked.

  6. I was a bit worried That nine would stuff it up now I am even more worried like itsjusttv has said no live streaming no uplate no Friday night games will make it boring at least have the live streaming nine that way we can get to know the housemates better

  7. With no live streaming, no Up Late, no Uncut, no Friday Night Games and only “family friendly” people in the house…what reason is there to watch this re-boot of Big Brother? Sounds like Nine are trying to make the show as boring as possible. And with no live streaming, how will we get to know the real characters behind the ones Nine want to portray after heavy editing for a family friendly timeslot?

  8. So it sounds like the “secrets” are just a first week “getting to know you” task? Surely reality shows need more than that these days to keep people watching?

  9. hannigans_heroes

    Not sounding that enticing… Please don’t mess up Big Brother, 9.

    And here’s hoping the Friday Night Games start next week…

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