Bumped: Big Brother Confidential

Nine’s new Big Brother: Confidential is getting downgraded from an M classification to PG next week when it shifts from a 10pm Wednesday screening to 8pm Thursday.

That’s the same classification as the 7pm Daily Show. In its place are two episodes of Dallas.

This week viewers were divided over the success of the off-shoot show, with some enjoying the show’s humour, but others criticising a lack of adult content.

In a PG timeslot, content must be suitable for children to watch with parental supervision. While material classified PG may contain careful representations of adult themes or concepts, it must be mild in impact.

This change contradicts a statement from Nine’s Director of Programming and Production to TV Tonight in June.

“There will be some adult content, but not nudity. I mean adult debate, adult discussion that you wouldn’t play in a PG slot,” said Andrew Backwell.

“We want relationships, adults who relate to each other, rather than just people looking to hook up.”

Meanwhile social media is still calling for Mike Goldman to be given his own hosting spin-off show.


  1. I posted elsewhere about 9 allowing the repeated publication of pirated links of their broadcast material on the Official BB FB page.

    It now seems that many people voting via sms are not receiving confirmation of those votes. you are supposed to get a confirmation after the first vote. Sometimes traffic means there may be a wait but it shouldn’t be more than 20mins later (approx).

    But some are reporting having voted 20 times and receiving no confirmation at all after hours of waiting and people are on the FB now (25th) saying they aren’t getting confirmation either.

    No way to reach 9 and let them know there could be a problem and they don’t seem to be appropriately reading these issues on the FB page, How fair the votes will wind up being..and the eviction..heaven knows.

  2. There are 2 things that Big Brother is sadly lacking on channel 9.
    Firstly, Friday nights are screaming out for some kind of live show, possibly with Mike Goldman hosting, to get some Live action from the house. As a viewer I am feeling that I don’t know these housemates at all without it. 9 is treating viewers like morons and projecting on us what they have decided we should see of the housemates. Viewers should be able to make up their own minds what they think of them and not be force fed heavily edited snippets.
    Secondly, internet Live streaming from the house is sorely missed. Last night (Friday) after the daily show had finished I was so in the mood and had time after my working week had finished to find out more about the housemates. I went to both the facebook and official website and it was a real struggle to find any new information. Surely re instating the internet live feed can’t be that hard.
    At the moment we only get the total of a couple of minutes actual Live footage from the house per week. I’m sorry 9, but you really have to lift your game on this. Far too controlled for my liking. Big Brother is a game show with the housemates as contestants. Part of the fun of the show as a viewer is to be a voyeur and see the housemates interact warts and all which only a Live undedited stream will satisfy.

  3. Dayman…what I find of further interest late this week is that BBUK and BBUS people (more of the former) are tuning into BBAUS. When I say tuning in, I generally mean via non-official streams.

    The UK BB page doesn’t enable open comments so a group of them came across to the Aussie page.

    A US fan said he was more interested in the Aussie show now because he found their series far too money oriented whereas he felt our housemates were simpler and funnier.

    Conversely though, many Aussie fans are now watching the US live streams quite keenly. This is helping them make up for the viewing loss here.

    The distillation in all this is that “live streams rule” no matter the country, no matter the BB approach.

    Will Network 9 do anything about live streaming? Apparently not and I understand that the cameras are not in action 24/7 in the house either this season. I presume budget issues.

    But I do wonder why 9 says nothing…ever…about any of this. Is this their usual reaction? To say nothing? In one way I can understand that resistance to engage in debate, particularly if there is no budget to expand and improve. At the same time, I think many of us have hoped 9 would show some interest in audience complaints and views.

    9 = don’t give a stuff want the audience thinks. That’s the growing presumption.

  4. It is so strange that the viewers are demanding are real MA show yet nine wont give it to them.

    Those who are disgusted about seeing a willy or V should just go turn over to the ABC.

  5. Nine clearly just doesn’t know what on earth they were wanting to do with BB this year. How often is a TV’s problem that fans are desperate for more content? Yet Nine is unable to address this. In many cases defiant not to.

    I enjoy the daily shows. I like that they are generally about an hour long. The videos on the official site are getting better as they’re putting ones up which are 60 seconds long now. They still need more. That BB confidential thing, is fine for some extra stuff that didn’t have a place in the daily show.

    However we’re still really missing out on seeing any thing, any conversation for any length of time. Even uplate when nothing was happening was an interesting insight. Now they hype something like the Wednesday night dinner. We see snippets of it. Why even bother putting videos on the Official site of Layla reading the topics, when we will never see the discussions?

    Have a live special ending with a couple minutes of the boys in the Man Cave discussing secrets. Which is a perfect tease to get people to turn on a live stream. But no. There’s so much more they could do. Even just a live web show after with Mike and some others to discuss. Where they can put in live streaming for it’s duration. Something is better than nothing.

  6. Confidential has offered nothing as such that fans didn’t see in daily shows. There was some minor “enjoyed it” in social media but the majority said it was boring and simply went over ground done during week.

    You can really tell a show is boring by reading a Twitter stream. This isn’t a capture but when you see posts akin to “Brad made funny face with spuds and everyone laughed!”…you know the show is struggling. Seriously.

    The Mike Goldman call. Twitter? As not seen any reference to Mike on FB for the past week or so. Certainly fans were giving him a shout out early and were indeed keen to see him do Friday Night Games or similar. I don’t think the intent was for some new Goldman show per se. I believe the desire for more BB – games, uplate etc – was the driver and the intention was along those lines. In other words, fans think that Mike could possibly run his own Friday Night games show…as a discrete production exercise.

  7. I used to really enjoy the Friday night game show, where Mike Goldman, along with Ryan Fitzgerald & Bree Amer, and their witty banter, used to be the highlight of the BB week for me. Of course Fitzy is in the Channel 10 stable and they may not be keen to let him do it. And we haven’t seen Bree for a while so who knows where she is. I guess they could get other past housemates to take their places but it probably wouldn’t be the same. The rapport that Mike, Bree & Fitzy had would be difficult to duplicate.

  8. Firs of all im going to argue about channel 9 much but want to say why on earth is channel 9 thinking they desided the new Dallas to be on the exact time.. then follow by this confidential big brother show and now we see they going around in circles mixing the time slot.. thats how they should not run a television channel. Also i hope Mike Goldman will make his own big brother uplate show soon because if they muck about thinking what channel 9 wants they will get to no where at all. And big brother show has allready began for the last 2 weeks just about. They need to get thier ass on the right spot where they should do a uplate show big brother or any sort with goldman. The longer they wait around doing nothing the less housemates you see on bb show and then theres nothing much to see or watch but showing bb walls instead.

  9. Gee, 9’s suddenly gone back to issuing programme amendments?

    2 eps of Dallas in one week? What are they trying to tell us?

    I note that I Will Survive has been slotted into 10’s Repeat Zone Saturday night. Give it a go – it’s a little rough around the edges, but every one’s trying to make it work. Mindless fluff – but fun

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