Class Of series works its magic on Richard Roxburgh

Richard Roxburgh has urged viewers to check out TEN observational seriesClass of.

“I found it really moving. I actually didn’t know much about Bradfield College,” he said.

“I knew it was a college for what I thought were ‘troubled kids.’ But in fact it’s not that, it’s a college for seeing out the last couple of years of high school education for kids who just haven’t found their place in mainstream education.

“Some of the kids in the series are living in youth hostels and putting themselves through school. It seems extraordinary to me that you have a 16 year old kid who decided to put himself through high school by working jobs.”

The series was filmed last year but has languished on the TEN Programming shelf because the network struggled to work out how best to showcase the series in which under-achieving students undergo the TAFE teaching methods of Bradfield College, Northern Sydney.

“I’m not one for Reality TV, really, but it’s incredibly moving by the end of the series,” says Roxburgh. “It’s profound. I found it really moving.

“The accumulative effect of a few little victories made palpable differences in these kids’ lives. It’s a beautiful story.

“People should watch if for no other reason than to learn just how bloody hard it is for kids.

“Some kids are kind of square pegs and this place provides an opportunity for kids that they’re not going to get elsewhere. And I suppose as a father I loved knowing that place existed.

“Bradfield College is a fantastic piece of educational equipment.”

Class of airs 9:30pm Wednesdays on TEN.


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