Conspiracy 365 author awarded

Gabrielle Lord, author of Conspiracy 365 was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 17th Annual Ned Kelly Awards, announced at the Melbourne Writers Festival yesterday.

The teen action novels have sold over a million copies and been adapted into a Movie Network Channels series featuring Harrison Gilbertson (pictured), Taylor Glockner, Marny Kennedy and Rob Carlton.

“To be noticed by my peers is an extremely gratifying experience. Australian crime writers are world class and I feel really grateful and honoured by this award. I’ve never been in it for the prizes – I guess that’s true of all writers – we do it because we love doing it,” she said.

The September instalment of Conspiracy 365 premieres on Saturday 1 September at 7pm on FMC, complemented by a multi-platform website initiative at plus YouTube Channel, Facebook page, iPhone, iPad and iTouch apps.

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