Cops win The Amazing Race Australia

Police officers Shane Haw and Andrew Thoday have won series two of The Amazing Race Australia.

The two pocketed the $250,000 prize money, defeating alpha males” Paul and Steve and twin cheerleaders Michelle and Jo placing third on Fraser Island.

“The adrenalin rush running into the final pit stop with that chest in our grasp and the other contestants cheering for us was exhilarating. To win is absolutely mind blowing. I am very proud of Shane and myself,” said Thoday, 44.

35 year old Thoday added, the prize money will “smash the mortgage and get the kids into a good school”.

The episode wrapped a successful second season for Seven, which again won positive acclaim from fans of the show. The casting delivered rivalry all the way to the finish line, especially between second and third placed teams.

Seven is already casting for a third season.


  1. Congratulations to everyone involved! Brilliantly cast, great productions values, terrifically executed… One of the best Aussie made shows of the last decade.

  2. Congrats to the coppers. They were smart in the way that as soon as they flew into brisbane they got a local map which showed them everyhting so they didnt have to stop and look for directions.

    I still cant work out who Paul and Steve managed to get an international flight from China to Brisbane when the plane is leaving in 6 minutes. What airline does that.

    Also well done to the producers who decided to finish the race at Fraser I sland.

  3. I happy that Shane & Andrew won, they are nice people, it just goes to show you that you don’t need to finish first in every leg to win the race, you just need to make it into the final leg & anything can happen.

  4. While I enjoyed TARA, I hope the next season will include some more original tasks. This season seemed to be constantly recycling tasks from the US version. It’s hard to believe they spend so much money on this production, but then cheap out of the challenges.

  5. Best result ever. It couldn’t have happened to two nicer blokes. They might not have come first in every race but its true what they say-slow and steady wins the race. And nice guys don’t always finish last. Those twins were getting nasty towards the end.

  6. I was incredibly happy at this result; the cops were absolutely the deserving winners. Very consistent and fair throughout the whole series. Well done guys.

  7. Congrats to Shane and Andrew on winning and to everyone else involved in the show for producing another great season. Can’t wait for Season 3.

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