1. bettestreep2008

    Dr rudi – terrific suggestion re the fact correcting on GBTWYCF?

    The amount of times I’ve heard the word ‘illegal’ during these asylum seeker debates is mind boggling.

    And it is still continuing with Tony Abott and many coalition politicians today.

    I sadly didn’t watch the 2nd ep of GBTWYCF last night because I found the first ep too painful to watch.

    I know I should watch it – but the show won’t change my views on asylum seekers and I have gotten upset this morning from interviews with Peter Reith who appears not to have changed his views on this subject either.

    I still shudder when Tampa and Children Overboard are mentioned – and sadly these are the ‘achievement’s Reith is proud of.

    I shall watch the Insight round up after ep 3 because I want to see the audience members debate with Reith, Smith and Anderson.

    Kudos to SBS for having the guts to produce such an informative, controversial and painful show.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    @ DK…thanks for the info on Smash repeat….I also missed it…I was on SBS most of the night…
    And btw….I bet they pullled out the champagne at SBS last night…. 🙂

  3. I’m with you Evan43, I found last nights episode of GBTWYCF very contrived and was disappointed. I really enjoyed the first series, but last just looked like set up after set up. I hope in the next episode or two they take a different path and explore what can be done to help prevent people becoming refugees in the first place. At the end of the day, prevention, where possible, is always better than a cure and should be part of the debate in terms of how Australia can play its role.

  4. Hey David,
    I know this is picky, but in your ratings summaries you always use the 6pm figures for the Project, I know this is the starting bracket but nightly it always draws a 100k+ more in the 6:30 bracket.

  5. @Les

    Seven sold first run rights to Foxtel so i doubt Season 2 will be fast-tracked by Seven unless somehow they wiggle out of a contract.

    Smash is a great show and imo should be Mondays at 8:30pm. They built it up so well and then gave it 9:30pm Tuesdays. It could be doing better than GCB is.

    X Factor is powering. This year is the best yet. Yes it doesn’t have Voice like ratings but imo its the better show. I look back at the Voice and see amateur if you ask me.

    GBTWYCF was awesome last night. The numbers are great. Such a high quality series and deserves all the praise it has been getting. Big Brother is a bore now. Its novelty has worn off on me. Its off my viewing schedule for good and i used to love big brother so much. Not any more.

  6. Just found out some intriging information about last nights ratings. More people in Melbourne watched SBS (11.0%) than Ten (9.7%) in primary channel share. Now it begins. Friday morning will be very interesting indeed.

  7. Neighbours should go back to Ten.It’s Ideal Evening Viewing after work and does not over stimulate the brain(My Neurologist recommends I watch it to aid in recovery).

  8. GBTWYCF was compelling viewing, even though the whole thing looks very contrived to me.
    Congrats to SBS too on “Who Do You Think You Are” – great episode featuring JK Rowling.
    Perhaps Ten should move “I Will Survive” to Thursday nights, where it wouldn’t be up against X Factor? However, I can see why the show is failing – hiring Hugh Sheriden to host it was a bad mistake.

  9. Thats a great result for “Smash”, just imagine how much more it would have got if Seven had been bright and brought it straight here after the States instead of letting Foxtel suck the juice off the top,lets hope Seven are smart and fast track season two.

    Poor “I Will Survive” Ten have done an appaling job of promoting it to look like a conetst to find the best drag queen in town. The concept is so so flawed, but it deserves to do better, Ten must keep it on the main channel but move it away from X Factor to maybe a Thursday and Saturday????

  10. I’ll admit to watching way more of Sbs and Sbs2 than any other network,so I’m pleased that gbtwycf is being rewarded with a nice viewership..and not likely a poachable property.Am I the only guy who watches Sbs movies?I can name 4…Junebug,Pan’s Labyrinth,No Country For Old Men,and Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada,that were on Sbs and I think were the best movies I’ve seen on tv since coming to Australia.If no one watches quality content..the notion that no one ever went broke underestimating the public’s intelligence,will sadly become a truism.

  11. The problem Ten have now is that another programming change will drive away and confuse even more viewers. IWS would possibly have done better starting on its original date.

    Ten should leave things be for now until late September when they can fast track their US content.

    But in order for that to be successful, they will need to plan ahead and promote – and drop their stupid embargoes on future programming so sites like TVT and others can promote in advance what is on Ten – not just coming soon – but time and date. Just like the US do.

  12. Its a shame about I Will Survive. I was flicking between it and The X Factor. I Will Survive is really well produced, its just up against too much competition.

  13. Neighbours should move back to TEN. I didn’t watch it during the last half of 2010 and all of 2011 as Susan Bower was killing it and making it un-watchable viewing, plus all the good cast members were leaving. I started to watch it again this year and it has improved now that she is no longer in control.

    I Will Survive needs to move to ELEVEN or late night. It’s killing TEN at the moment. But what else can the fill those two hours a week with.. more Modern Family?

  14. Great night of viewing. I agree GBTWYCF should be mandatory viewing and this has quite a different feel to the first series which is good.

    Smash was great and thanks to David as I would not have watched has it not been for the reviews on this site.

    Ten needs to listen to its viewers and soon I would think.

  15. @bettestreep2008 The sad thing is that the first series last year had no effect on the debate or the policy in this country. In fact, depending on your point of view, our policy is now worse.

    I have one suggestion to improve the show, and that is every time one of the participants makes an error of fact, the footage should cut to the host to give the truth. Case(s) in point – it is not illegal to seek asylum; and there is no queue.

    As David well knows through editing this website, readers are entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts.

  16. Tell me again why Neighbours is on Eleven? If it rates 320,000, surely it is going to rate maybe aroung 500,000 or so on Ten, which would place it amongst their top shows for the night.

  17. So bummed at the performance of I Will Survive!! Come on people this is a great show with some awesome talent featured! I hope 10 don’t snuff it like that Dance show.

  18. bettestreep2008

    GBTWYCF should be mandatory viewing for everyone – especially all the Federal politicians and especially Andrew Bolt.

    I knew about Angry Anderson and Peter Reith’s ‘racist’ views on asylum seekers but this Michael Smith blew me away.

    He was ‘smirking’ throughout the whole first episode as if this situation was a big fat joke.

    Sadly his views – as with Angry, Reith, Abbott and even Gillard – are the same.

    I hope more and more people tune in to this brilliant show.

    And Mr Lachlan Murdoch should watch to see how a reality program should be. Not the crap he is dishing up lately.

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