1. @ squareeyes – thats my point, they cant let this be successful for a second season, goes against everything ten stands for these days.

    and considering its a cable drama and nine edits theirs (episodes) i frankly wouldnt be surprised if they took chunks out

  2. Zero chance she won’t win the emmy.

    Fantastic cast, fantastic writing, gripping television. Homeland and Game of Thrones are my two favourite shows on television.

    Bring on Season 2.

  3. Jeez, I’d love to give TEN the chance with this…

    Instead, I’ll get it some other way.

    Networks need to understand that once they treat viewers as scum, we won’t go back.

    F1 and MotoGP? Online. Tv shows? On line.

    And if I want to watch the Devil Wears Prada…

    Heck the DVD is $8.

    Whinge aside, Homeland is utterly brilliant, well made, edgy, with great performances.

  4. Secret Squirrel

    Like everyone else I’m looking fwd to this and hope Ten fast-tracks it so that we get to see the whole series before Ten flush themselves down the toilet.

  5. OMG! Ten!! Look!!!!

    A popular show you have the rights to!!! quick, you have to edit it to sh** and play half an hour of ads in it. Dont forget the ‘special times’ and ‘new day’ after two weeks!!

  6. Bring it on! Along with Revenge and Once this is right alongside the best new shows of the year. There have been so many good new shows to watch this past season. I hope TEN fast-track it. They sure need it.

  7. Can’t wait. This is such a good series. Claire Danes has the emmy in her hands!!

    TEN needs to fast track. Fans will watch on the internet if its not shown in at most two weeks.

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