Howzat! bowls 2.1m. But Everybody Dance now beaten by SBS.

Ratings: Nine's miniseries pulls the biggest local drama audience of the year, while TEN's dance show is beaten by a doco on SBS.

It was billed as the drama event of the year and on total people numbers, Howzat: Kerry Packer’s War surely delivered, with an outstanding 2.1m viewers last night.

It is the highest-rated audience for a local drama for 2012.

The Nine drama was trending globally last night as Twitter lit up with glowing praise for the mini-series, and especially Lachy Hulme’s performance.

But the bad news continued for TEN’s Everybody Dance Now -now fifth in its timeslot on 385,000, beaten by SBS.

Nine easily won the night with a huge 38.0% share to Seven 25.5%, TEN 15.9%, ABC 15.0% and SBS 5.6%.

Nine won all but the 6pm timeslot, with 60 Minutes on 1.51m, then Nine News (1.4m), Big Brother (1.36m) and The Mentalist (510,000).

Seven News (1.51m) was best for Seven then Sunday Night (1.29m), Kath & Kim (909,000) and Criminal Minds (629,000 / 497,000).

TEN had decent numbers for its MasterChef finale (winner announced 1.05m, finale 802,000) but that’s where the good news ended. TEN News was 477,000. Everybody Dance Now fell to 385,000 losing 665,000 from its lead in, fifth in its slot. The Project was 334,000 and Movie: The A Team was 310,000.

ABC News was 822,000 for ABC1 then Grand Designs Revisited (809,000), Dream Build (744,000), Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple (670,000), Compass (352,000), Inspector George Gently (315,000) and Antiques Master (229,000).

Despite heated competition SBS did well with Pompeii: Cellar of Skeletons (427,000), then World News Australia (229,00), Inside Nature’s Giants (182,000) and Capitalism: A Love Story (141,000).

Big Brother on GO! managed to top multichannels but only with 233,000.

Sunday 19 August 2012

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  1. I haven’t watched Howzat yet, I’m going to watch the Saturday repeat, but I am disappointed to hear from one of the major players, Ian Chappell, that a lot of it is factually incorrect. Sure, I understand the need for dramatic license, but what Chappell has said kind of ruins it a bit for me. Luckily, I am old enough to remember when this all happened and I used to go along to the WSC games when they were played at the Sydney Showground in the very early days. I also attended the first day-night match at the SCG, an amazing experience which, from memory, was the first time the coloured pyjama style uniforms were worn.

  2. Glad Howzat did well. I enjoyed it and I’m glad it’ll be on next week rather than today. I also liked Young Victoria on Friday. Plus on SBS I liked they had Pompeii.

    Lastly I want to belatedly thank all the channels that had interesting stuff on Saturday. I liked having choice. Including all the ABC channels after 8.30pm especially two of them. Also two Ten Network channels but not Eleven. Plus others. I hope it won’t be a one off event for Saturday. I also appreciated Chuck and Fringe being back-to-back this morning.

  3. Just got around to watching Howzat! A great piece of fiction. As someone who was at TCN9 at the time I agree completely with Ian Chappell today. In is own words ‘a number of portrayals are very ‘incorrect’
    Most of it was pure fiction.
    As for advertising time. Sir Frank Packer dictated that TCN9 must never run more than 3 commercials per break. In those days they were 30-secs, with a few 60-secs and 10 secs. And programs always started on time. Always.

  4. @Kathy – It’s your choice whether you decide to catch Howzat or not but it’s a drama *based* on real events, not a doco. There was even a disclaimer at the start that some things had been changed for dramatic effect.

    If you enjoy quality drama and don’t require that every single event be depicted as it happened (ie prob less interestingly), then I recommend giving it a look.

  5. I didn’t watch Howzat myself,but what brilliant numbers.It’s a truly Australian story and people love that.As for EDN as I’ve mentioned other times,no amount of tweaking will help it.If people don’t take to it from the start and it gets so much negative attention,it’s really hard to bounce back.One last thing I really enjoyed the 60 Minutes story on the hoarder,I found it fascinating and Brooke Hansons story was truly heartbreaking,I was in tears through the whole story.

  6. Loved Howzat!, deserved its numbers.
    About time 60 Minutes showed decent solid stories withe the Hoarder Man and Jared and Brooke Hanson’s tragic, brave story of their baby Jack.

  7. As yet I have not had a chance to watch it, and not too sure I want to now after listening to a couple of interview given by Ian Chappell today….

    In is own words ‘a number of portrayals are very ‘incorrect’… Apparently a ‘big’ percentage of what was aired did not happen and as Ian said, when going through the script with producers he pointed that out… yet it was still portrayed incorrectly.

  8. “Howzat! bowls 2.1m. But Everybody Dance Now beaten by SBS” – David, if you were even slightly interested in cricket you might have written “… [EDN] stumped by SBS”

    EDN was a turd and all they’ve done is polish it a little bit. It still stinks. I predict that it will be flushed to Eleven next week. (Incidentally, I missed both Wilfred and Fresh Meat because I forgot that Ten had changed their night, so thanks for stuffing them/me around).

    On a positive note, I thoroughly enjoyed Howzat. The dialogue wasn’t always natural but the acting was good, and Lachy Hulme has prob put in the performance of the year (despite what the Underbelly ad says about Aaron Jeffery’s upcoming role). Richie Benaud’s first line sounded about right but after that it was a different bloke. Don’t know what happened there.

    Choosing not to watch Howzat because “it’s about cricket” is like not watching “Mad Men” because it’s about advertising or “Breaking Bad” because it’s about the manufacture of illicit drugs – you’re missing the point.

  9. I didn’t bother watching this after big brother show. The promo was so irritating every time there was a commercial break.. Howzart on sunday… then howzart tonight and howzart.. just every moment and every ad break. It was complete irritating and they keep repeating it over and over. Is that all channel 9 has to offer apart from just repeating it multible times every ad break ? I didn’t bother watching it. Too much drama and such and surely howzart never was like that in reality but it is in this 2 part series just to give flavour into it. But yeah this and also underbelly comming soon then its repeated again and then next week its comming then it just kept repeating itself underbelly starts after big brother and each break you know they where going to repeat the promo more then dozen times in 24hours. Its also with Dallas. I don’t no why they need to keep repeating the promos so much considering they should concentrate in commercials.. Thats why channel 9 is getting paid for to show commercials of companys and such Not just keep on wasting minutes and seconds repeating themself over and over about this howzart thing. Sorry for my argument but really i just sick of seen repeats of it. Oh don’t tell me they continue to repeat themselfs with underbelly and then howzart for sunday again all this week.

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