Howzat, Underbelly, Big Brother, Anger Management to be repeated.

What’s the best approach to using a multichannel? Should they run stand-alone content, or should they offer catch-up of premium shows?

In the three years that multichannels have been widely utilised, I’ve seen various approaches. They’ve certainly been a work in progress. I liked that channels like GO! and ELEVEN had some flagship shows that gave them identity, but lately they’ve had reruns of Episodes or MasterChef after playing on the main channel.

Now GO! and GEM are set to replay some of Nine’s biggest shows.

Anger Management will air 8:30pm Wed August 15 on GO!, the day after its Nine premiere.

Big Brother will have arvo replays on GO!, usually at 5pm, but beginning with a 90 minute edition on Tuesday August 14.

Meanwhile Underbelly: Badness gets a replay at 10:30pm Saturday August 18th on Nine.

Howzat!: Kerry Packer’s War also replays 9:30pm Saturday August 25 on Nine.

All of this means you won’t have to watch their premiere episodes if there are just too many other shows fighting for your attention. While it shouldn’t impact on Nine’s final figures, scheduling replays does mean the overnight numbers could be lower, and potentially see headlines giving other shows a win…


  1. @vos – “I have a feeling like many other channels they want war and they want to be (top dogs) better then the other channel.”. A little secret. That’s what commercial TV is all about. Most viewers=most revenue=more new content=more viewers= more revenue…and so the circle goes.

  2. From a greed point of view it is an great move if it competes with several things. ABC did it recently with Silk (9:30pm & 1:30am). The initial ratings may suffer but only if they let viewers know a show will be repeated.

    If it wasn’t for your site David, I’d miss many things.

  3. I like the idea of repeating shows from the main channel or even the shows on GO and Gem themselves. there have been times for example where 3 programs I watch clash and thanks to encores of some of those shows I was able to see all 3 instead of 2.

    the only channels that don’t seem to repeat/encore shows are 7, 7two and 7mate. 7 may encore a show on 7two if its a reality show or something but not every popular show is encored and if they are its usually during the day or late at night. its like they are saying if you wanna watch our shows, it has to be when we air them and not later on which is smart as encores may draw viewers away from the more popular nights.

    Eleven only encore a certain amount of shows as does Ten. they never seem to encore their dramas, only reality shows. 11 will repeat their daytime lineup after midnight which isn’t too important if people miss them.

    but these multichannels should really be for unique content only and if you miss something on the main channel or what ever channel, tough!

  4. Secret Squirrel

    Personally I think using the multi-channels to show original content, perhaps more niche, is best, but with the state of both Nine’s and Ten’s financials, I’m betting that we are going to see more replays of content from the main channel rather than less.

  5. Wait David all there are re-played on GO! or Nine, won’t we get anything in HD on GEM?

    Nine (and the others) should be using their HD channels like the BBC does and replaying content from the main channel on GEM in HD within a week of the premier or like the BBC does show some shows at the same time on HD.

    The biggest problem with re-runs like this is if people get used to them at t different time and then they are yanked viewers might just give up on the new shows all together!

  6. I have a feeling like many other channels they want war and they want to be (top dogs) better then the other channel. So i bet when big brother begins on channel 9 then i have a feeling channel 7 and channel 10 will later play a role a week later or 2 about new (programes) beating channel 9 with thier new programes. I just hate how one channel wants to do the samething as the other channel just because which ever channel has new programes lined up does not mean the other channels has to do the same thing and add new programes at the same time. I think its like playing copycats and play minds. Every channel has a new stuff to promote every time we enter new years eve night with thier promos. But i just hate it how channels will do the same thing just because channel 9 has new line ups such as Dallas Big Brother this and that and so on and then realise channel ten has now new stuff in a week later… So… it sounds like the other channels don’t feel secure so they want to jump over the other channel to be the so what top dogs.

    Anyways thats good if they repeat the programe on GO channel. Unless it be on some HD channel like “GEM” ?

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