NCIS update

An update for NCIS fans about those new episodes.

They begin at 8:30pm next Sunday night on TEN. Those with good memories may recall that NCIS was scheduled on Sundays when TEN was the first to make the bold step to abandon Sunday night movies.

Tony faces a boy from his past when missing classified Navy documents are found after a warehouse fire, prompting the NCIS team to join the Baltimore police department investigation.

Also to clarify, an earlier post which stated new eps would begin tonight was an error. Apologies for any confusion.

There are three more episodes in the current season.


  1. Don’t stand a chance against the likes of Mrs Brown’s Boys and Kath and Kim.Sorry but people want family friendly viewing to end the week upon before starting back for work or school on Monday and a Crime Show is not the answer.

  2. Total Disgrace Ten.People to wind out the week before starting back to work or School on the Monday want something family friendly they can all watch together this isn’t it.Put some Futurama and Cleveland Brown or an Oprah/Ellen/Rove Live kind of show on in place.

    I wonder how they are doing on Tuesdays with NCIS up against the likes of Anger Management on 9 and Winners and Losers on 7.

  3. I make it 4 episodes: Rekindled, Playing with Fire, Up in Smoke, and Till Death Do Us Part.

    They form part of an arc that continues into Season 10. Channel 10 will now be able to show them with the first block of 6 episodes of Season 10 which start on Sept. 25th in US. That will take them through to the end of the ratings season. On Sunday they will screen against House Husbands and a crime drama on Channel 7 by the looks of it.

    Yes Rekindled was listed for last Tuesday and then changed. Either an error the guide by Ten or a last minute change in strategy to try and grab audience on Sunday night with their most popular show.

  4. @Jb: It will fail because its not a show where the whole family sits down and watches which is what sunday shows are for! As you said it belongs tuesdays and this is another pathetic decision by The brilliant Ten network!

  5. I know it’s prob kicking them when their down, but i hope this bombs…for 2 reasons.
    1. NCIS has been successful for about 8 years on Tuesday at 8.30. Now all of a sudden Ten want to change nights.
    2. Ten were fasttracking this, awesome, i was actually watching it on Ten. Then they yanked it off, nothing for months, and now finally get around to finishing it. I watched the finale months ago because of Ten’s treatment.

    The new season starts about a week after Ten will air season 9 finale. Will they be fasttracking season 10?

  6. Thanks, but I don[t think you should apologise. TEN had that episode on the EPG earlier this week. I wish they would just show the episodes. I am about to hook up my Apple TV and if I could have bought those three episodes for $10-ish, I would have already watched them.

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