New Foxtel campaign begins with roadblock ad

Foxtel’s new marketing campaign led by actor Chris Hemsworth will be roadblocked across all channels at 7pm on Sunday.

The campaign is also supported by large scale press, cinema, digital, outdoor, augmented reality and social media.

Foxtel Director of Marketing, Chantal Walker said, “There’s TV you watch, then there’s TV that you want to watch. We’re out to show people that Foxtel is about better TV not more TV and brilliant television has the ability to improve a home and your entertainment experience. The campaign is set in a house that’s been brought to life with Foxtel content. It’s a house full of surprise, knowledge and possibility. It’s the kind of house we’d all love to live in.”

“By using a TV roadblock it means no matter what you’re watching on Sunday, you’ll be able to see Chris starring in our new blockbuster brand TVC,” continued Walker.

“In this campaign we are inviting both customers and non-subscribers to sample our quality content and see what they’re missing out on. To assist in this we’re using every digital touch point as a product sampling opportunity including rich media, pre-roll videos and a highly interactive microsite.”

All elements of the campaign are underpinned by the message Foxtel is truly delivering a better entertainment experience with its superior content and innovative technology.

The TVC starring Chris Hemsworth is a Hollywood style production with a purpose-built film-set, created by the Clemenger Group and crafted by award-winning director Joel Pront from Collider. It also features acclaimed actor Felix Williamson, son of David Williamson, as the father in the Foxtel family. Chris is immersed in the Foxtel world by interacting with the Foxtel family and the characters we know and love from great shows including Mad Men, Game of Thrones and The Newsroom.

Foxtel is now leading its communications with compelling content from award-winning dramas, to dedicated channels that broaden the mind. Foxtel’s quality content line-up has never been so strong truly giving Australians a chance to experience the product like never before.

“Having Chris to lead the campaign is a reflection of our Foxtel values – he’s a young Australian smashing it in his field, with a love of technology and quality content. Chris is as passionate about the craft of storytelling and so are we,” said Walker.

Chris Hemsworth said, “This is a great opportunity to be a part of something that represents my passion for great storytelling, high quality television shows and movies. And with Foxtel there’s no better place to access that.”


  1. watch it here

    We’ve had foxtel for about 4 years and I’ve seen it change a lot but the channel’s still confuse me, it’s really hard to keep up with shows when they move to another channel. there is the new Soho which is basically the same as FX which is the same as Universal. SF is all about sci fi but then there is supernatural which is split up over almost every channel. teen wolf on fox8 true blood is now on soho american horror story on FX.

    then you have arena which seems to be a fashion/reality/talk show channel with a mix of reality, then fox8 which has a mix of animation, hit series and reality tv.

    I think they really need to look at there channels and look at what content they want to put on each channel. American Dad seems to always swap between comedy and fox8 why isnt there a channel just for the sitcom animation?

    whats the difference between tv1 and 111 hits? they show the same shows just different seasons…

    why is bones on fox8 and not 13th street and what is the deal with that channel??? 13th street? how lame is that and it isnt even horror shows its crime crap.

    Foxtel really need to get the act together…

  2. This will be followed by a funeral insurance commercial, pet insurance commercial, loan shark commercial, promotion by channel then one more funeral commercial.

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