Olympic ratings win a no-brainer for Nine

Nine’s second week of Olympics was another no-brainer, giving it the week in network share, primary channels, key demos, every night and every city.

The biggest single-audience of the week was Thursday Evening on 1.79m viewers.

But it still wasn’t the hat trick that Seven managed several times in 2011 because it didn’t win the multichannel race, with 7TWO on top (notably, Gem simulcast share is merged with Nine).

It also proved to be bad news for TEN, with its primary channel beaten for the week by ABC1.

Nine: 40.7
Seven: 24.8
TEN: 15.5
ABC: 14.8
SBS: 4.3

Primary channel:
Nine: 37.0
Seven: 18.2
ABC1: 11.0
TEN: 10.5
SBS: 3.5

7TWO: 3.7
7mate / GO!: 2.9
ABC2: 2.3
Gem*: 0.9
ABC3 / SBS TWO: 0.8
ABC News 24: 0.6
* Gem simulcast merged with Nine

ABC1 bettered TEN on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

This is the second of two weeks that advertisers will separate from annual data due to being an abnormal event.


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