Oops. Security guard interrupts Live TV cross.

Monday turned out to be quite a day for TEN’s Breakfast.

Reporter Joe Hill was attempting to do a live cross from the Burnside Village shopping centre in Adelaide, about a “stressed” tree inside the building when a security guard asked him to move along.

“We’ll just be two seconds,” Hill insisted.

But when the guard persisted, Hill stepped off the property and onto the public footpath.



  1. The justification from anchors about advertising the shops in the centre was silly. The security guard did his job. On the Gold Coast btw, I believe the laws are really rigorous about filming anywhere without advance permission from the Council. I recall seeing something several years ago about permissions and costs to even take a single image if that was intended for any form of commercial usage.

  2. What I found more concerning was Paul Henrys comments,who cares about a tree and the security guard probably wees on the tree.The tree might not be headline news,but it just goes to show how unprofessional his attitude is.His aim may well be to constantly cause controversy,to be a shock jock of sorts,but people want some integrity with their news,not this sort of crass disregard.This also applies to his comments re:asylum seekers.

  3. That reminds me of the incident about 10 years ago when Gerard Whately,then working on Ten News,did a live cross during sport from outside Colonial Stadium [as it was known then] on the state of the turf and a security guard was telling him to move while he’s doing his live report.

    BTW that’s the first time I’ve ever seen any of Breakfast.I can see why it’s a failure.

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