Oops. When is the Closing Ceremony again?

Friday? Saturday? Sunday? Anyone….?

Between three of them, TEN’s Breakfast team couldn’t quite work out when the Closing Ceremony is taking place, but at least they had enough humour to laugh it off.

For the record it is 9pm Sunday night London time and airing 6am AEST Monday on Nine and GEM, and replayed at 9:30pm on Nine.


  1. I watched this morning, enjoyed it. Australians dont give it ago because a NZ is getting paid big money. His humour is very good and similar to the Australian taste

    They hated Karl for how long because his the typical private school guy, it only when motherly figure Lisa mellowed the show that they took to the ‘show’.

    I guess the only way to get success is go for the everyday ‘dad’ like koshie

  2. Ever heard of google Paul oh that’s right you’re from NZ they haven’t heard of the Internet over there yet they only discovered electricity last week

    Just joking LOL

  3. Wow! I have tuned in the last 2 weeks and aside from the advertorial issue ( I’ve only seen 1) I find this show refreshing! Paul & Kathryn Have stuck a balance! The team is humorous IMO! I hope it sticks around better than 9 or 7 for me!

  4. I’d be willing to bet a considerable amount of money that Breakfast will be canned before the year is out. They kept advertising 6:30 with George Negus as their “news revolution” and kept sending out spin/positive PR about how they were happy with the show. Yet they still canned it after less than a year.

    No matter who the hosts are, Breakfast would never have worked.

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