Returning: The Hamster Wheel

The Chaser boys are returning with a new season and here's their very creative press release.

The Chaser boys are returning with a new season of The Hamster Wheel (at last) in September, and here’s the creative press release they sent out:


The Giant Dwarf  Chaser team returns to ABC1 to make for a second scintillating series of The Hamster Wheel while they wait to find out if their Channel Seven show is a success.

A number of the Chaser guys did not want to do a second series of The Hamster Wheel, but they eventually signed on because none of their individual projects have got up, and no-one in the team had any decent ideas for new formats.

Season 2 of The Hamster Wheel will be more or less the same as Season 1 up the ante with an exciting array of new segments, with cheap topical jokes masquerading as searing political satire, hit and miss sketches, and some well researched and entertaining media critique and analysis which just isn’t as popular as when they used to harass politicians with oversized props and drop their pants in supermarkets and The Chaser’s usual mix of hard-hitting sketches and in-your-face stunts that audiences have come to know and love.

The team hasn’t bothered writing any fake funny quotes from Mark Scott because someone always deletes them.
“We’re delighted to have The Chaser team back on ABC1 for another successful series of The Hamster Wheel,” said ABC1 Controller Brendan Dahill.

They decided not to put any jokes at all in the draft press release because the ABC Publicity department prefers tp pump out bland copy for lazy journalists to cut and paste. “The whole team is excited to be back in the Wheel taking aim at the media and politics, on the ABC where we really belong,” said Chaser Executive Producer Julian Morrow.

In 2011, The Hamster Wheel averaged over 850,000 viewers a week in the 9:30pm timeslot, peaking at 950,000, but there’s no way it will get as many viewers this year because ABC’s Wednesday nights have died in the arse.

In recognition of the show’s wide appeal and strong audience response The Hamster Wheel has only been moved to will air at 9:00pm Wednesday nights on ABC1 because the Chaser guys are demanding prima donnas for 8 weeks from 26 September*.

*repeated ABC2 Thursdays 10:25pm

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