SBS On Demand app launches

Although it was available about 2 weeks ago, SBS has now officially launched its SBS ON DEMAND app.

The free app gives unlimited access to thousands of SBS videos including documentaries, feature films and food shows.

It also enables users to adding favourites to the Playlist to be watched later and the Playlist is accessible across all devices (website, Xbox, PlayStation 3 and IPTV).

Marshall Heald, SBS Director Online and Emerging Platforms, said: “The SBS ON DEMAND app is a fantastic new addition to the continually expanding range of SBS apps we have launched across multiple platforms.

“SBS ON DEMAND’s rapid expansion is proof of our commitment to ensuring our audience can access SBS content where and when they want it.”

SBS ON DEMAND is now available as an app for: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Windows 8, Sony internet-enabled TVs, Samsung internet-enabled TVs, LG internet-enabled TVs and Humax internet-enabled TVs.

More info here.


  1. Technically its not free on Xbox boo! You have to be a ‘Gold member’ which costs you about $80 a year, for the privilege to access content such as SBS on Demand.

  2. So basically on everything except Android phone and tablets 🙁 This is where the ABC and SBS should team up to avoid duplicating resources, even if they don’t merge into a single entity.

  3. SBS On Demand also appeared automatically as a Smart TV app on my LG TV a few weeks ago. It replaced the disappointing 7Plus app which only had an extremely limited offering of programs, most of which were shows that did not air in prime time or on secondary channels. They appears to be catalogue shows like Dilbert, Just Shoot Me and various other 90’s sitcoms.

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