Setanta steps up Euro football

Setanta Sports has signed live and exclusive coverage of UEFA Europa League, Npower Football League and the Capital One Cup in Australia over the next three seasons.

It has also retained the exclusive rights to the FA England national team, England U-21 team and the annual FA Community Shield match for the next six years. Setanta will be the only place to watch England in their bid to qualify for the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil at Wembley Stadium.

Roger Hall, Managing Director of Setanta Sports International, said: “We have enjoyed an amazing winter of great football with our coverage of UEFA Euro 2012 in Australia and it was important that we followed that up by adding even more top quality football to our line-up which is now stronger than ever.”

Starting in September, Setanta will show up to four games a week from the UEFA Europa League. Liverpool FC and Inter Milan are looking to join Tottenham and Atletico Madrid as they bid to qualify for one of Europe’s premier competitions.

The Npower Championship, League One and League Two feature some of the most iconic English football clubs, such as Leeds United, as they battle for the prize of premiership status over one of the hardest contested seasons in football.

The Capital One Cup is the league cup of English football, which draws the very biggest clubs out to contest the first trophy of the season. Current holders Liverpool FC will line up alongside Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City for a place at Wembley.

England’s qualification campaign at Wembley for the FIFA World Cup 2014 starts on Wednesday 12 September against the Ukraine. Setanta will be the only place to watch the action.


  1. According to the UEFA site, SBS was also awarded the UEFA Europa League rights and will broadcast the best game each week. ? Does Setanta know about this? lol

  2. Both La Liga and Serie A demanded more money than ESPN or Setanta were willing to pay for the upcoming season.
    I’m a bit disappointed as I don’t have Setanta (way too dear). Doesn’t seem worth the amount that Foxtel want for it.
    SBS have lost the rights to the Europa League.
    The question I have is do One HD still show replays of the Bundesliga and/or Serie A?

  3. By Setanta securing these rights it does seem Fox Sports and ESPN are stepping down on the amount of Euro football. Fox Sports now has only EPL and ESPN only the Champions League. Not sure what is happening with Spanish La Liga. Its quite a step down from last season.

    Setanta will have to add panel programmes like it was before between 2007 to 2010 to get me back. They also have a lack of content, repeating things too much during the week and between seasons.

  4. @ rach – can’t agree more than all sports channels should have a HD feed, but Sentanta Ireland only got a HD feed in Nov 2010/Jan 2011 (different dates are mentioned on the Internet so I don’t know which one is right) with only one carrier, so I although the fans want it I can’t see it launching anytime soon, let alone before Fuel TV or Eurosport.

  5. The only problem with Setanta is that no HD, the pictures are even worse than SD, I think they must rebroadcast off a screen, sometimes the pictures are so bad, for a group that has so many Soccer Games, they really should be doing better with their vision

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