Seven News refresh

On Monday night Seven News introduced new graphics to its 6pm bulletins and a new set for Melbourne.

The graphics made use of white, blue and red across the bottom of the screen together with a ‘First on Seven’ watermark for select stories. You could almost be mistaken for thinking it was Nine…

The set is a lot more contemporary than the previous brown, steel colours design.

Seven News in Melbourne and Sydney is increasingly under pressure with Nine already having claimed the year in weeks won in both markets.

Other markets also refreshed their graphics.


  1. Im not lashing out, Im just saying that you cannot find a positive for any other channel apart from 9. If Ch7 raised millions for charity, you would still find something to criticize them about. I agree that 7news need to be a bit more original – but so does 9.

  2. @James
    Today copied Sunrise’ logo, colour scheme, set, format etc

    7News copied slogan and supers.

    Maybe you should stick to getting your facts right and not sticking up for 9 all the time.

  3. Some changes that Seven could start with.
    Drop the First on Seven, especially when it has already been on ABC24 and TEN News.
    Save money sending people all over the area in the dark to stand in front of brick walls to repeat what the newsreader has already said. Use the money on some quality journalism.
    I used to be an ardent commercial news viewer. Since 1960s Climpson and Henderson. Now it’s all showbiz and fashion/cross-promotion crap. Could explain wht ABC News wins 7pm consistently.

  4. Has anyone else noticed how the newsroom crosses during the day have been dumbed-down on Seven? We tell you How to do this, we tell you Why they did that, we tell you When you can expect this. It’s just like being in school.

    No thanks 🙁

  5. @Danny
    The difference between Today “copying” Sunrise and 7News copying 9Newsis that Today only copied the color orange but as you can see 7NEWS has copied practically everything except the watermark in this relaunch.

  6. All 7 News in Melbourne have done is copy 9 News!
    Must be getting tough for them not winning and i dont think this new look will help.
    9’s News still looks clearer and sharper. Better presenter’s and 9’s set looks fantastic.

  7. Just want to ask everyone here who have accused Seven of “copying” Nine. What were your thoughts when “Today” copied the colours used on Sunrise’s logo?

  8. Almost identical to Channel Nine…

    What a pathetic game of catch-up Seven are playing. Get some originality and better news, then stop copying other networks slogans and graphics…

  9. I think it’s going to take just a little more than a new desk and a lick of paint.

    How about story selection, writing, production values, reporter’s clothing, etc.

  10. “You could almost be mistaken for thinking it was Nine”
    They are almost a complete rip off of nine’s graphics and slogan. What’s next? Chris Bath changing her name by depol to Peter Overton.

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