Sunday Night: Aug 26

Kerri-Anne Kennerley files a story for Sunday Night this weekend, in which she returns to Africa for a story on rhino poaching. KAK was in Africa when news broke her Nine show had been axed.

This is a recently filmed story, made following her cancer diagnosis.

Murder on the Dance Floor
Zahra Abrahimzadeh was a caring and loving mother, who for years protected her three children from her violent husband. When she left him, he was vengeful. She was in hiding, protected by a restraining order – until the courts made a fatal mistake. They gave her husband Zialloh permission to attend a function she would also be at. The police said she would be safe in a public place, protected by the crowd. How wrong they were. He sat at a nearby table, then acted out his promise – stabbing Zahra to death in front of their daughter. Alex Cullen presents a special Sunday Night investigation into a family failed by the system.

Kerri-Anne in Africa
In her first major television report since her cancer diagnosis, Kerri-Anne Kennerley travels to the wilds of Africa on a deeply personal crusade. Deep in the heart of Kenya, a dangerous battle is being waged to try to save the world’s last few wild rhinos from extinction. There are only eight northern white rhinos left on the planet. Kerri-Anne and an Aussie banker track down the only four that can still breed, and bring them to safety. Elsewhere in the vastness of Africa, rhinos are transported like teabags, sedated and dangling from helicopters in an operation to de-horn them and thwart armed poachers. It’s a dangerous mission, and this is the ultimate Sunday Night adventure, an assignment close to Kerri-Anne’s heart.

Medical Tourism
Australia’s public health system is bursting at the seams, with long waiting lists for elective surgery and many people suffering prolonged pain. Last year alone, two million Australians put off getting expensive dental treatment. It’s led to a booming business in medical tourism – package deals that combine cut price treatment abroad with a resort holiday. Sunday Night reporter Rahni Sadler follows one Aussie tour group as they travel to Bangkok for everything from boob jobs to hip replacements, root canal work to face lifts – for roughly half the price it would cost in Australia. Australian medical authorities warn patients are taking a risk, but are the results worth it?

Glen Campbell
One of the bravest and most heart-wrenching celebrity interviews you will ever see. Forty-eight hours after Alex Cullen interviewed country and western legend Glenn Campbell at his US home, the singer’s management team cancelled his Australian tour. It is doubtful he will ever return, and his appearance on Sunday Night could well be his final interview ever. For it has been revealed that Glen Campbell, who has sold 50 million records in a 50 year career, is battling Alzheimer’s disease. That he’s been able to continue performing for the past year, despite his short-term memory loss, is down to the love and support of his wife Kim and their children. A tender look into the home and family life of this musical legend.

Sunday, August 26 at 6.30pm on Channel 7.

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  1. Sunday Night is an excellent show and all of these stories sound interesting. I really like how they have guest reporters filing stories, rather than sticking to a fixed band of reporters. It eclipsed 60 Minutes in terms of content some time ago. 60M has been quite seriously dumbed down.

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