Sunday Night: Aug 5

On Sunday Night Molly Meldrum meets up with close friend Elton John.

There’s also an investigation by Mike Willesee into Australian woman Bronwyn Kay Atherton, arrested in Peru on drug charges. It has nothing to do with Schapelle Corby that hasn’t stopped this story from being promoted to the masses as “Australia’s Unknown Schapelle.”

Exclusive: Australia’s Unknown Schapelle
Deep in one of South America’s most notorious Peru jails, a 27-year-old Australian sits convicted of drug trafficking after she was busted at an airport with a suitcase full of cocaine. Bronwyn’s heart-breaking story serves as a warning to every parent with a child jetting off on the trip of a lifetime. With nearly four years already served, she’ll be behind bars for at least another decade. Unlike Schapelle Corby – Bronwyn’s story has never been told. In this week’s exclusive investigation by Mike Willesee, Bronwyn tells of the cartel who hired her, set her up, and then betrayed her. She was a drug mule sacrificed so a more lucrative shipment could be smuggled through safely. Peru is now the centre of the world’s cocaine trade, and the Colombian drug lord El Chappo has targeted Australia because it is the most lucrative market for the drug in the world.

Sir Elton John
Sir Elton John owed Molly Meldrum an apology, and this Sunday you’ll find out why. It’s been a long time coming, but finally the two are face to face again. Undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest musical superstars, Elton John opens up like never about music, love and fatherhood. He shows off his son Zachary, reveals how he wants another child, and how becoming a father is his greatest achievement. In a raw and honest interview, Sir Elton tells Molly about the pain he still feels from the relationship with his own father.

Storm Surfers
It is some of the most incredible surf vision you will ever see. From the southern ocean to the far north west coast, two of the funniest and most experienced pro surfers take Sunday Night on a search of the biggest storms off Australia’s coastline. Up to 75 kilometres off shore, these daredevils ride the biggest waves possible. In this breathtaking and brave report, see how two time world champion Tom Carroll, and big wave expert Ross Clarke Jones are prepared to risk big in pursuit of the perfect wave.

Hosted by Mark Ferguson with Chris Bath in London for the Olympic Games. 6.30pm Sunday on Seven.

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