The Curiosity Show reunion

Hands up who remembers The Curiosity Show?

The South Australian production ran on Nine from for 18 years, from 1972 to 1990.

Presenters Dr Rob Morrison and Deane Hutton will reunite tonight and across the weekend at “Science Alive!” in Adelaide, part of National Science Week.

They will also be selling the DVD 20 Things to Make and Do from The Curiosity Show in the Goyder Pavilion at the Adelaide Showground.

Recently, the show was embroiled in the legal wrangle over the right to Banksia Productions titles, the same one involving Humphrey B. Bear.

Great to see the guys still have a knack for debunking the inexplicable with their own unique style!



  1. @ J Bar you mean Adelaide? 😉 but really, my mums from there so i have been frequently & its like stepping 20 years back in time, compared to living in Melbourne, (or nearly any other capital probably). Not that its necessarily a bad thing, now i’m becoming an old fart i can see why my parents enjoyed being there, everythings just that little bit more relaxed 😉
    Loved the show in the day but mum wouldn’t let me do any of the experiments so i had to go to my friends place for that where his dad used to let us have free run of the garage & its contents 🙂

  2. I watched Curiosity Show nearly every day after school! But you’re right J Bar!
    I used to try and make the match stick quiz experiments! I once saw Deane on a ferry to KI in about 1986 (I was 11) and it was the first time I saw a “star” in real life!

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