Underbelly, Big Brother score while Everybody Dance Now bombs.

They will be all smiles at Nine today and in panic stations at TEN after the first post-Olympics figures are in.

In a nutshell, Underbelly: Badness topped the night with 1.78m viewers with Big Brother launching to 1.61m viewers.

But it has come at the expense of TEN’s new talent show. Everybody Dance Now plummeted to just 304,000 viewers losing over half the MasterChef: All Stars lead in (702,000). The show already has “disaster” stamped all over it.

Shares for the night saw Nine lift above its Sunday performance with 38.6% to Seven’s 27.7%, ABC 17.3%, TEN in fourth place on just 13.4% and SBS on 3.1%.

Nine’s promotion and planning paid off for the first night. Underbelly: Badness (1.78m) floated to the top above the noisier Big Brother launch (1.61m), the latter was a big hit with social media last night. Nine News (1.25m) followed for Nine then ACA (1.02m), Closing Ceremony (1.00m for the live morning broadcast / 864,000 for the primetime replay) and 569,000 for Hot Seat.

Seven fared well under the circumstances and can be relieved with its numbers given Nine’s assault on viewers. Seven News (1.34m) led for Seven then Today Tonight (1.26m), Home and Away (1.02m), Once Upon a Time (799,000), The Amazing Race Australia (787,000), Deal or No Deal (648,000) and Body of Proof (518,000).

ABC News (1.04m) topped ABC1 then Australian Story (935,000), 7:30 (844,000), Media Watch 677,000, Four Corners (661,000) and Q & A (505,000).

There is no good news for TEN which could not rise above TEN News (753,000). MasterChef: All Stars was 702,000, The Project 6pm was 427,000. Everybody Dance Now (304,000) has paid the price of launching early with a flawed format and questionable casting -despite having some strong dancers giving their all. It was lower than The Bold & The Beautiful (408,000). Yesterday the show was canned by media headlines (this site gave it one day’s grace given it was against Olympics, but now all bets are off).

SBS ONE also had a low night even by its own standards. Mythbusters was 167,000, Man vs Wild was 148,000 and World News Australia was 140,000.

How To Train Your Dragon on 7mate topped multichannels with 335,000.

Monday 13 August 2012.


  1. Yes. I repeat the Working Dog comments. I used to think they had a great relationship with 10. They did such great shows with them. The Panel, Russel Coight, Thank God You’re Here. After the departure of The Panel, and rove now all that 10 has is The Project in that genre.

    Hopefully we hear more of what Micallef was supposedly working on for 10 soon.

  2. Yep all those changes and cuts angered me too. The moment that made me hate the ch 10 network was when they changed ONE from 24/7 HD sport to a channel of crap. So as far as I’m concerned I don’t care for the network, their local shows are terrible with the exception of late news and project. Puberty Blues may be good, Bikie Wars was above average but we can generally assume if a show is on ten dont bother.

  3. The Truth At Last

    Good point Nick, get Working Dog back o Ten, I’d love to see The Panel back, am really looking forward to Puberty Blues, I think it
    s a winner going by facebook previews.

  4. Oh dear! The irony of TEN partly having its arse handed to them by a show they axed in 2008. For me, I’m a little worried what this means for Puberty Blues.

  5. The Truth At Last

    TEN lost me pretty much straight away with EDN simply because there are Americans mentoring what is advertised as a Aussie Show.
    Why not get Rhonda Burchmore, Kelley Abbey etc to mentor, not that some of the dancing is Rhondas main moves of course, and then a popular Aussie celeb to host, they don’t have to have anything to do with dancing, someone charismatic and funny, or get in people from Hi-5, I don’t know, just anyone Aussie as advertised please.
    I knew from the start this would bomb, no pleasure from that… I wonder what is going on at Channel 10 these days… seriously.. 😉

  6. Bring back some Aussie comedy please Ten. It’s slim pickings at the moment – Randling, The Project… and…umm…

    Does Seven still own the rights to Thank God You’re Here?

  7. Maev....Sydney

    @ swosha….totally like your program line up for TEN….maybe you should apply for the job there….
    Will not watch Breakfast again…until that male person is gone and it gets a name change…and that is just for a start….

  8. @swosha Nine had an afternoon breakfast show-like news program called ‘This Afternoon’, I think, and that didn’t do too well. I think people complained that it was just like any other breakfast show but in the afternoons.

    I had no idea ‘The Simpsons’ are now on weeknights at 6 on 11! There so much chopping and changing around of TV schedules that I’ve not a clue what’s really on what day and time anymore.

    I think ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ shouldn’t have been cancelled. And why have international judges in these kinds of competitions? Doesn’t Australia have any talented people out there?

  9. @Steve Sydney

    Couldn’t agree with u more !
    It’s all TENs fault!
    Skipping auditions, not explaining the format and most stupidly, debuting EDN on the last day of Olympics .
    So dumb, so upset!
    TEN, you were very promising to roll out all these new programs, but if this show couldn’t work than all your shows won’t work…you only have puberty blues left!
    TEN, go reinvent yourself and your boardroom!

  10. ten had a winner with 630 with Negus, just they had it on weeknights, it should have been on sunday nights after the project.

    neighbours should at least get an encore screening on ten, whether in the mornings or late night.

    the simpsons are now on 11 at 6pm @mason

    everybody dance now was designed for failure. its a talent show with a game show format… maybe put on at 5pm against price. Sarah Murdoch had no success in tv until she married Lachie and he gave her a job on foxtel.

    it’s great to see big brother back but it doesn’t fit with channel 9. 9 has always for me been an older market, the network is trying to be young and cool. I cant see bb doing more than a couple of seasons. last nights launch was rushed and all though sonia did a good job im not sure if she totally fits into the show, i guess we will see.

    channel 10 needs to re think its approach to programming before heading in to 2013.

    breakfast 6 till 10 followed by the circle.
    at 12 stick on ready steady then from 1 have the talk, the bold, et, the insider and huey.

    at 4pm a new 2 hour news program in a similar format to breakfast followed at 6pm by a local 30 minute news bulletin and the project at 630

    from 7pm begin your prime time line up.

    late news at 10 followed by neighbours at 11 and an encore of the project at 1130.

  11. i don’t think you can deny that since Nneighbours and the simpsons moved to 11 that channel ten as a whole has become a mess…they may not have been the highest rating shows but they had a devoted audience that tuned in every night. i cannot remember the last hit they had, plus the fact david mott thought that BB was an ageing format and would rate…..*shakes head*

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