X Factor on top for Seven

Seven hit back at Nine’s ratings run last night with The X Factor at #1 on 1.6m viewers, delivering some impressive first acts.

It was the highest debut for the series across its four seasons and validates the network’s decision not to compete head to head with the first week of Big Brother.

Seven won the night with 34.3% to Nine 28.6%, ABC 18.1%, TEN 15.1% and SBS just 3.9%.

Next for Seven were Seven News (1.32m), Today Tonight (1.22m), Home and Away (1.1m), GCB (873,000) and Deal or No Deal (592,000).

Nine News (1.25m) led for Nine, Underbelly: Badness was 1.22m and Big Brother: Live Nominations was 1.18m. ACA was 1.17m and Hot Seat was 625,000.

ABC News (1.05m) topped ABC1 then Australian Story (809,000), 7:30 (858,000), Q & A (665,000), Four Corners and Media Watch (both on 634,000).

Trouble continues for TEN in fourth place. TEN News was best on 749,000 with Chrissie Swan’s excellent debut as Can of Worms host only managing 590,000. Don’t Tell the Bride premiered to 583,000. Modern Family struggled on 484,000, The Project 6pm was 471,000 and The Shire was just 251,000.

SBS ONE also had a tough night with Mythbusters on 205,000, Man vs Wild on 170,000 and World News Australia on 157,000.

Sunrise: 363,000
Today: 325,000
ABC News Breakfast: 54,000 / 21,000
Breakfast: 31,000

Monday 20 August 2012


  1. I would like to see an independent Group checking 3000 people as oztam do and see what results we end up with, that would be really interesting and very easy to do.

  2. cynical old codger

    David thank you for your follow up re IPs etc,and I appreciate and accept your comments, but I feel I should also attempt to live up to my COC handle, by adding something my old daddy told me many years ago, that being, that its no use getting old if you don’t get cunning. and maybe somebody else had a similar wise old daddy, guess the proof will be, if I can ever get the topic mentioned in the second part of my original comment, raised in the current series of the Can of Worms. As an addition please, Surely the panelist would not have gone in Cold Turkey without any rehearsals, yet it was not until near the end that Kate announced/discovered the seats had red and green lighting built in, confirming their responses, which also seemed to confirm to me that many of their responses seemed scripted and just a little bit to immediate for it not to have been rehearsed. How is that for self inflicted cynicism?

  3. Can of Worms was really good; Ten need to realise that, that the show itself is Fine. Like others have said I think word of mouth will help it along.

    Don’t Tell The Bride marginally improved on its poor lead in; Modern Family at 484 is sad. Channel Ten is sad. Most people just don’t bother changing from Seven or Nine I guess now that Masterchef is done.

  4. I’d like to say I’m happy with Eleven on Monday because Dollhouse is on sensibly from around 8.30pm-10.30pm. I hope that kind of (scripted ) programming could continue. Because it’s viewer friendly.

    P.S. Sorry David for the typo.

  5. I find it so bad that in times like this TEN relies on Modern Family for a lead in show. And yet they cannot play fast-track new episodes in a constant time slot (which at the right time can rate over 1 million – not sunday at 6:30!!!!)

    I agree with Can of Worms and thought it would rate much better. Terrible starting figures for Don’t Tell the Bride.

    I would also like to congradulate Big Brother for finshing exactly on time. X Factor could not manage that – but maybe it was live?? I didn’t watch

  6. Well done X Factor.Sometimes I really think you can tell how well a show is going to do just by the promos,X Factor had that good feeling about it.Such a shame Can of Worms didn’t do better.I think it’s so important to get the programming right.I’m sure it could make all the difference to any given show depending on what plays around it.

  7. Yowch! Poor Ten! They’re certainly coming down from their Masterchef high. For the record, I liked Chrissie, very cheeky. Really enjoying Up All Night, hope Seven stick with it.

  8. cynical old codger

    Surely Ten must now be aware of where their problems began, if only their mega rich puppet masters actual bought some viewers as well as shares, especially for the breakfast show, simply because we now not only have to avoid watching Paul Henry of a morning, he now is inflicted on us poor unsuspecting viewers, via numerous promos, as well as during another hour of a saturday, but at least we are being forewarned about this, that is if the TV programme guides can keep up with Ten constant and desperate changes, and over-runs times, even for their Previously Recorded Programmes

  9. cynical old codger

    I wonder how many of the glowing comments for The Can Of Worms and Ms Swan came from the same computer?, and does anybody think the can of worms will ever raise the topic and question the panel and viewers if they think the logies and the nomination process can now be manipulated and or stacked.

  10. Another gripe: I don’t have twitter & don’t want it! Irritating new trend popping them up on screen Ch9 have been doing it too! If we wanted to read them we would get twitter!

  11. Maev....Sydney

    I watched X Factor last night to see Shiane …the 14yr old from Darwin…that has been on the ads…I was not disappointed….
    She has a really unusual voice….and really sold the song….looking forward to seeing how she progresses.

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