3.2m viewers for AFL Grand Final

Ratings: Whopping numbers for the AFL Grand Final nudge the record books, as Seven easily takes the week.

The numbers for the AFL Grand Final hit a staggering 3.2m viewers yesterday.

They top the preliminary 3.1m for The Voice: The Winner Announced (but it reached 3.23m with Timeshifted data). It was nearly a record for the football -the highest rated AFL Grand Final since OzTAM began was 3.39m in 2005.

Seven tactfully divided the match into separate portions with the Presentations at 3.19m, and the bulk of the match still on a whopping 2.93m viewers. There were 1.4m viewers in Melbourne alone and another 740,000 in Sydney -not including clubs, pubs and restaurants.

As a result Seven easily won the week. TEN lost to ABC, just, for the seventh week in a row.

Seven: 33.0%
Nine: 26.7%
ABC: 17.6%
TEN: 17.1%
SBS: 5.5%

Primary Channel:
Seven: 24.7%
Nine: 20.0%
ABC1: 13.6%
TEN: 10.8%
SBS ONE: 4.8%

7TWO: 5.0
GO!: 3.9
7mate: 3.3
ONE: 3.1
Gem: 2.8
ABC2: 2.3
ABC3: 0.9
ABC News 24: 0.9
SBS TWO: 0.8

Nine won 16-39, 18-49 and Seven won 25-54.

Seven ranked first every night except Thursday, which fell to Nine. TEN lost every night to the ABC except Friday and Saturday.

Seven was also first in all 5 cities.

Aside from AFL, Seven’s other performers were Seven News (Sat: 1.88m, Sun: 1.39m, weeknights: 1.18m), The X Factor (1.63m / 1.42m), Sunday Night (1.62m), Border Security (1.24m) and Air Ways (1.16m).

60 Minutes (1.4m) was best for Nine then House Husbands (1.2m), Nine News (weeknights: 1.1m, Sunday: 1.08m), The Footy Show (1.06m) and Big Brother (Eviction 1.02m).

ABC News (weeknights: 1.01m, Sun: 917,000) topped ABC1 followed by Call the Midwife (983,000), Great Southern Land (948,000), Australian Story (936,000) and Gruen Planet (916,000).

NCIS (704,000) was best for TEN then TEN News (666,000), Puberty Blues (654,000) a Modern Family repeat (611,000) and Can of Worms (592,000).

On SBS ONE it was Coast (354,000), Who Do You Think You Are? and Prohibition (both 340,000) and Rebuilding the Past (290,000).


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  1. It seems the AFL are moving the Grand Final start time to 5.15/5.30 ish next year, ( touch wood) which will certainly mean a big share for 7 in 2013 with about 2 hours of game time and maybe 1 hour of post game in prime time up the east coast.
    It will be interesting to see how much the ratings will go up, some commentators suggest at least 1 million more nationally, but origins of the teams would also make an impact.
    Obviosuly the Sydney audience is going to be much higher with a Sydney team in the AFL GF, but we will see.

  2. Here we go again with the footy on channel 9.

    Last night should meant to show the big brother eviction night from 630p

    This is the first time they have not shown big brother lastnight and there for its starting to feel less big brother then you can imagine because so much of this footy programes. Why bother have bb show during bad seasons like the football matches? know you have cricket comming up. Ch9 has GO channel GEM channel why bother have these channel and not have bb show in there at least for last night ?

    Channel 9 is not the best network when it comes to fair shares. Im so angry about this football i never watched it. I cant stand footy by all means. Thanks ch9 for ruine spectators for not seen bb. It made my night quite upsetting.

  3. Well, I am of the minority, did not watch either. too many greedy sports leagues with stupid TV networks paying over the odds for the rights, I can remember when local football actually had to beg for coverage, how times have changed and not for the better.

  4. I like Temper Trap, but a bit too mellow for an AFL grand Final. The AFL often gets it wrong. You have to rock it out, just like Good Charlotte did on the NRL grand final. The NRL should do similar figures. In Melbourne they will get 1 million alone. 1.4 mill in Sydney and 750 k in Brisbane.

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