60 Minutes: Sept 16

There’s a lot of P!nk coming up on Nine, but who’s complaining?

This Sunday Peter Overton catches up with her for 60 Minutes.

In the Pink
On stage, she’s a feisty rock chick – a woman with a big voice whose songs can make a bloke feel very small indeed. Just ask her husband. So it always surprises us how approachable and down to earth Pink is. When Peter Overton caught up with her in Los Angeles recently, she had hubbie Carey Hart and new daughter Willow in tow. They’re as normal a family as you’d find and incredibly welcoming. Motherhood clearly suits Pink, we would even say she’s mellowed since our last meeting. But some things don’t change. She still packs a wicked sense of humour.
Reporter: Peter Overton
Producer: Steven Burling

Breaking the Silence
We thought it was a haven, a model school where disadvantaged young boys and Catholic brothers all lived together as one big happy family. You may remember it from the famous lottery that raised millions in its name. But Boys Town, in Beaudesert Queensland, wasn’t the Godly place we all believed it to be. For many of the boys there, it was a pure hell. Those kids are grown men now. On Sunday night, after a lifetime of shame, they’ve found the courage to talk about what happened to them at Boys Town. Their stories are some of the hardest we’ve ever heard. But for the first time, the authorities are listening. And court action has now begun in what’s becoming one of the largest cases of its type in Australian legal history.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Danny Keens

A Lethal Mix
It’s the most dangerous of brews, a potentially lethal concoction of heavy spirits and high octane energy drinks. Young people love the stuff, whether they buy it readymade or mix their own. The alcohol gets them drunk and the energy drinks keep them awake. It can be like knocking back half a dozen cups of coffee, except they’re already buzzing from a skinful of booze. The idea is to make the fun last longer. But there’s nothing fun about landing in hospital. And that’s far from the worst that can happen.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Stephen Rice, Ali Smith

7:30pm Sunday on Nine.


  1. I think this Boys Town issue will – or could become – a major audience issue because a number of people are coming out now on the 9 page saying relatives went there…one about her father…another who had to leave her husband for fear of him but that he wouldn’t discuss his bad experience there. A very hard to watch show section but very important to those who have been abused and for-ever harmed.

  2. It wasn’t that long ago when we were still receiving Boy’s Town lottery books. Certainly north coast NSW they were around 5 years ago. I cringe at the fact so many of us who may have bought tickets thinking we were helping kids, may have actually been inadvertently supporting their abuse. I find these issues very difficult to watch and deal with and to come to terms with the fact so many church groups of that nature have wound up abusing children. I think of those late nights, the relative isolation…and no-one to turn to or to defend them. Beyond sad.

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