60 Minutes: Sept 30

60 Minutes will begin later at approximately 7:45pm Sunday following the NRL Grand Final on Nine.

This Sunday night 60 Minutes will begin later at approximately 7:45pm following the NRL Grand Final on Nine.

Bali – 10th Anniversary Special
We thought it could never happen to us, that Australia was immune to the horror of terrorism. But then, ten years ago, a series of bombs ripped through Bali’s nightclub district and we lost our innocence. 202 people died that night, including 88 Aussies. Over the past decade, we’ve followed the survivors as they’ve rebuilt their lives. Some have done it publicly, defiantly thumbing their noses at the terrorists. Others like Carren Smith have struggled out of view – until now. On Sunday night, we revisit some of our inspirational survivors and, for the first time, Carren shares her incredible story.
Reporter: Peter Overton
Producer: Jo Townsend

Going Native
Keeping wild animals locked up, whether in a zoo, a cage or a backyard will always be controversial. In Australia, we’re not allowed to keep our native animals as pets. But it’s quite another story over in America where Aussie wildlife has become the latest must-have accessory. Michael Usher found fully-grown kangaroos being fussed over like household cats and dogs and tiny marsupials marketed as pocket pets. It’s a multi-million dollar industry; it could also hold the key to saving our precious animals from extinction.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Phil Goyen

Allison Langdon has just been to the gates of Hell. A place, where right under your feet, under homes and roads, immense fires burn out of control, fuelled by enormous deposits of coal. These fires are scarring the land and poisoning the people in a forgotten corner of India. It’s an environmental disaster and it’s raged unchecked for close to a hundred years. Now, over a million people are quite literally living on top of a firestorm.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Gareth Harvey

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