ABC News hits 1.2m but Seven wins Monday

Ratings: ABC News continues to rise because commercial networks are all offering lightweight alternatives in the same timeslot.

ABC News continues to rise, last night reaching 1.2m viewers because commercial networks are all offering lightweight alternatives in the same timeslot. It’s a trend we’ve seen before especially when Reality shows dominate the 7pm slot.

Seven Network won Monday night with 30.4% then Nine 27.3%, ABC 21.8%, TEN 15.9% and SBS 4.5%.

The X Factor (1.38m) was again #1 for the night, with Seven’s other shows: Seven News (1.28m), Today Tonight (1.02m), Home and Away (971,000), GCB (638,000 / 516,000), Deal or No Deal (534,000) and Up All Night (258,000).

Nine News (1.24m) was best for Nine then ACA (1.1m) and Underbelly: Badness (1.03m). Big Brother was 987,000, Hot Seat was 622,000, Gordon Behind Bars was 323,000. Footy Classified was 197,000 in 3 cities.

ABC News reached 1.2m viewers last night, again winning its timeslot. Also for ABC1 were Australian Story (1.02m), 7:30 (917,000), Four Corners (902,000), Media Watch (787,000), Q & A (696,000), Paralympics highlights (355,000) and Lateline (308,000).

TEN News was 758,000 for TEN. Can of Worms was 561,000, Modern Family (544,000), Don’t Tell the Bride (515,000), The Project 6pm was 420,000 and the finale for The Shire was just 237,000.

Test Your Brain (301,000) topped SBS ONE followed by Mythbusters (234,000), World News Australia (158,000) and Shameless (98,000).

7TWO’s Waking the Dead was best on multichannels with 293,000.

Sunrise: 321,000
Today: 310,000
ABC News Breakfast: 46,000 / 42,000
Breakfast: 33,000

Monday 10 September 2012

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  1. Ten needs to see the error of it’s ways and move the Project back to 7pm.

    Not all of us can be home by 5 or 6pm for our news or the world has changed thanks to working schedules and 10:30pm on SBS is too late for many.

  2. @Stan – (paraphrasing) Another inaccurate statement from a TV Tonight reader.

    You’re a little out with the ratings for 7’s and 9’s 6pm News. A career as an investment banker beckons…

  3. Intersesting to see ABC news rating so well. Is it just a coincidence that this is happening and that 7 has appointed an SBS journo to Sunday Night and rumours of them talking to Derryn Hinch. Looks like 7 are realising their might be a market for serious news. Looks like a shift happening here. Hope so.

  4. Abc news also does well cause in this busy world where traffic is getting worse much of the world is not home by 6pm to watch the news. 7pm abc news is the only option. Unless the project moves back to 7pm.

  5. Another sweeping statement from a TV Tonight reader.

    Chadsterboi, clearly viewers also want the flashy graphics, animation, sensationalism, & glamoured up reporters of Seven & Nine. They are also rating 1 billion + & are either the best or second best rating programs for their networks, just like ABC News.

  6. I find those stupid “Live” transitions that everyone has copied from elsewhere to be extremely annoying. The unnecessary graphics and general graffiti are also annoying. I’d much rather see an item from ABC’s Ginny Stein than some rubbish on Fashion Week or another cross-promo on 7, 9 or 10. That’s why we no longer watch commercial news, but have gone ABC.
    Those stupid, costly, “live crosses” to someone freezing to death standing up against the wall of some Police centre, adding nothing, are totally unnecessary.
    “it looks a long way” – well, Nine was only 3 points ahead of ABC1 last night.

  7. Television News revolves. It indicated viewers just want plan old news. We don’t need the graphics, the animation and the flashy on screen look of commercial TV. Viewers just want the facts of the day. I know I’m over the sensationalism of 7 and 9. We just want to hear simple stories from every day journos who are now all glamoured up to be the story themselves half the time.

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