Adil first to leave The X Factor

18 year old Queensland lifesaver Adil Memon has become the first finalist eliminated from The X Factor for 2012.

As one of Mel B’s Under 25 Boys, he was cut by the judges over singer Samantha Jade, who was also in the bottom two.

Despite the show making much of his physique, Memon didn’t attract enough votes from fans for his singing.

Last night he was unable to hold back the tears on stage, but later said, “I had the best experiences and made some life long friends here.”

“I think it is such a shame, its devastating,” Mel B added.

Next week, the show airs Tuesday and Wednesday nights due to Seven’s coverage of the Brownlow Medal.


  1. Huh.

    I didn’t realise that Adil was first on Australia’s Got Talent with his sister (Maimuna) a few years ago. He was the guitar player to her singing.

    He was… different back then. ie. Not a diva. 😉

  2. @Mad Men I thought it was a very entertaining show. The performances by Guy, Ronan and Lupe were fantastic. The final sing off was great. Overall a great night. Just a pity I thought (would of liked) either Fourtunate, Jason or WAT would of been in the bottom 2

  3. What a tiresome long winded show just to announce a voting result. Or is it because we had to listen to the worst singing that it felt long? Was The Voice like this?

  4. I’m not surprised by this result – they took a pretty talented performer (Adil), sexualised the hell out of him and alienated any straight males (or girls over the age of 16) that might have voted for him. I agree with Guy Sebastian – when annoying little girls were chanting “Take your top off” to him on Monday night I knew it was a sign he wouldn’t last long on the show.

    It’s a shame as if they stuck to his original style, with conservative dress and John-Mayer style covers, he could have gone a lot further. Instead Mel tried to shove Adil into the prepubescent girl fan base and suffered the blowback from all the other male groups (WAT, The Collective, Fourtunate) already taking that vote, and leading him to get the boot.

  5. Next time Mel B chooses her final 3, she should pick them based on their voices, not their looks. But I’m surprised Adil was the first to go. I thought the girls would’ve voted for him.

  6. Very happy with this result! He was definitely in the bottom 3, talent-wise (along with Justin and Jason). Samantha Jade was just so much better that it would have been a massive injustice if she’d got the boot!

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