Airdate: Bathurst 1000, Anh Does Vietnam, Killing Time.

Seven has scheduled three big events for Sunday October 7 with live coverage of the 50th Anniversary of Bathurst 1000, Anh Does Vietnam and the free-to-air premiere of miniseries Killing Time starring David Wenham.

From 9.30am: Bathurst 1000
In 2012, the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 celebrates 50 years of racing. Who will be crowned king of the mountain in one of the largest sporting celebrations in Australia’s history? Host Matt White, commentators Neil Crompton and Mark Skaife, and pit reporters Mark Beretta and Mark Larkham bring you all the action from Mount Panorama.

7.30pm: Anh Does Vietnam
Experience Vietnam through Anh Do’s eyes as the comedian, actor and best-selling author returns to his homeland in this spectacular travel series. As he journeys from south to north, Anh is seeking to discover just how different his life would have been had his family not escaped the war and moved to Australia when he was two years old. How would he be living in Vietnam and what job would he be doing? Beyond the sights and smells and the extraordinary natural beauty of Vietnam, Anh’s journey will reveal the diverse cultural traditions and history that have formed this indomitable nation.

8.30pm: Killing Time
David Wenham stars in the true story of the rise and fall of notorious Melbourne criminal defence lawyer Andrew Fraser. At the top of his game, Fraser commanded a huge salary, representing accused cop killers to the likes of business tycoon Alan Bond and AFL star Jimmy Krakouer. But when his cocaine addiction spiralled into a thousand dollar-a-day habit he crossed the line into the criminal milieu. He was disbarred, discredited, broken financially, his marriage destroyed. This is a fascinating insight into the workings of the Australian justice system in a time of brutal upheaval and a war between the criminal class and corrupt police.

9.30pm: Strike Back
The high-octane thriller starring Australia’s Sullivan Stapleton continues with another action-packed movie-length episode.


  1. @KISSMAD,Interesting pickup I believe this is the first time Daylight saving has effected the race as the wind back is at 2am on the morning of the race, practice and qualifying will not be affected but I just hope this is not used as an excuse to screw us over with a delayed telecast here in QLD

  2. @KISSMAD – thanks for that I hardly watch V8 Xtra, keep forgetting to watch it. Why did they send out a press release with 9:30am? Unless they are dividing the telecast into blocks to improve the ratings?

    So 3 hours Friday, 6 Saturday and 11 on Sunday.

    FYI as always this falls after DLS starts so here in QLD it will be 6am Sunday. So another early start, still better that what could have been 🙂

  3. @KISSMAD,thank God for that,I have been huffing and puffing and abusing Seven (conspiracy theories included) to whoever will listen to me,they will all think I am mad but at least you have made me happy.

  4. David have you heard from Seven as to why Bathurst is starting 2.5 hours late this year? They have gone from one extreme to another, is it all to save $$$ or don’t they care, seriously it will be kids shows on Sunday morning, nothing that can’t be delayed for one week.

  5. If 7 cared about anything else as much as their AFL baby no one would be disappointed,coverage of the great race has started at 7 am since I can remember and my first all dayer was back in 1969.
    We have had the big disappointment of Commander Gyngel taking over League ,I just hope 10 can get the Cars and turn it into a winner.

  6. Wait am I reading that right, Bathurst doesn’t start until 9:30am, in past years it’s always started at 7am, what gives?

    That’s only 30 min before the 10am start, usually they would recap qualifying, have morning warm up and support races before the main race.

  7. Hah! Looks like I’ll be watching more hours on Seven that day than I have all year (other than V8 Supercars).

    Hopefully Bathurst is actually live and not “live” (as defined by Seven).

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