Airdate: Inside. Returning: AFP

Nine returns unaired episodes of AFP: Australian Federal Police followed by specials on prison life, Inside.

Nine gets serious on Thursdays by returning to unaired episodes of AFP: Australian Federal Police, produced by Zapruder’s Other Films.

It will be followed by the first of two specials on prison life, Inside presented by Rad Hadley.

AFP Thursday, October 4, at 8.30pm.
AFP, the only program with unprecedented access to the highly classified case files of the Australian Federal Police, returns to Channel Nine on Thursday, October 4, at 8.30pm.

In series two video journalists embedded in major Australian Federal Police operations will take viewers closer than ever before to the front lines of our national security.

Viewers will be side-by-side with the men and women of Australia’s national law enforcement agency as they defend our borders against international terrorism, organised crime, money-laundering, child exploitation and the global drug trade.

With never before seen surveillance tapes, arrest footage and records of interview it’s a rare glimpse into the criminal underworld.

The premiere episode follows Operation Alpan. After a high-risk surveillance operation the AFP intercepts a record 80 kilos of meth-amphetamine (ice) originally from China before it reaches the streets of Adelaide. We also track Operation Glatton, in which the Australian Federal Police uncover an international child exploitation syndicate in Manila, with the help of the Philippines police, and free a young Filipino girl from danger.

The new series, narrated by Jennifer Byrne, has been produced by Zapruder’s Other Films, with Andrew Denton and Anita Jacoby as executive producers.

Inside Thursday, October 4 at 9.30pm
Inside, a new two-part Australian series, takes a look deep inside the prison system with unprecedented and extraordinary access.

For the first time, retired Commissioner Ron Woodham shares his intimate knowledge of prison life with broadcaster Ray Hadley as they show us small courtroom cells for temporary petty offenders, to giant maximum security fortresses such as Supermax, housing those classified as Never to be Released.

Witness firsthand the revealing inner workings of prison life, the dedicated guards in their strict, disciplined workplace…a huge and complex industry run with military precision, where thousands of short and long-term prisoners must be safely transported, fed, and cared for…where gangs and ethnic groups must be separated …and females along with mental health inmates are cared for in jails of their own.

A vast, hidden world…controlled, educated, and rehabilitated.

Inside, produced by Graham McNeice for the Nine Network

Inside (Part One) Premieres: Thursday, October 4 at 9.30pm on Nine
Inside (Part Two) Thursday, October 11 at 9.30pm on Nine

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  1. “…access to the highly classified case files…”

    I’m calling BS on that statement. Classified or sensitive information can only be legally shown/given to people with a security level that is the same or higher than that of the information.

    If these files are truly “highly classified” you would need to have been granted a security rating of Highly Protected under the Non-National Security classification system that was in effect when the footage was prob shot. (Agencies are undergoing conversion to a new unfied system introduced last year).

    Even, in the highly improbale scenario that they were given access to some highly classified files, they would not be able to broadcast that information to all and sundry.

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