Airdate: Surveillance. Returning: Highway Patrol.

We haven’t had too many Observational shows this year but Seven brings one back week, and premieres another.

Highway Patrol returns for its fourth season at 7:30pm Wednesday, October 3rd.

“Stolen Getaway Car”
Tonight, a driver who has crashed his car into a suburban garden swears he was driving safely and the car just veered out of control on the wet road, but the neighbours have a different story. Then, police must call off a high speed chase of a stolen car for the safety of the officers, but all is not lost when the car is found dumped with all sorts of evidence left behind.

New series Surveillance premieres at 8pm narrated by Eden Falk.

Every day more than two million cameras monitor your every public move. With unprecedented access to control rooms and CCTV
cameras, see frightening scenes of dangerous driving, extreme risky behaviour around trains, a cataclysm of criminal activity and jaw-dropping activities of people who don’t know they are being watched.

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