Airdate: Yes Chef

Another new cooking show will air on TEN this month.

Yes Chef features chef and author Dominique Rizzo and will air on Saturday September 15, preceding other new food shows A Taste of Travel and Love to Share.

In a brand new series, featuring a great array of food professionals, Yes Chef will tease and tantalise taste buds across the country, taking viewers inside some of the most famous restaurant kitchens, with some of our best known chefs and locations here and overseas.

Hosted by chef and author Dominique Rizzo, each episode will feature two highly accomplished chefs who will cook signature dishes that they prepare in their restaurants across Victoria, NSW and Queensland. Viewers will learn the tricks of the trade and discover what it takes to be the best.

In the series opener, we venture into the culinary world of one of the masters of cookery – Jacques Reymond. Jacques cooks his signature John Dory dish in his world-famous restaurant kitchen. We discover how Jacques had “no choice” but to become a chef, following in his father’s footsteps as a boy in Burgundy, France, and how the inspiration for his menus springs from his dreams.

The second chef on the show is Shane Bailey (below) from Berado’s in Noosa, Queensland. Shane takes us on a crab boat to catch the key ingredient in his signature dish, Noosa spanner crab ravioli with tomato consommé. Shane gives a candid insight into what it’s really like to be a chef!

3pm Saturday September 15.


  1. Ten seems to still missing the point – there have been dozens of cooking shows, and they have programs from Jamie Oliver, so another cooking show isnt likely to give them the ratings they need to get out of the hole they are in at the moment ….. scripted drama’s seem to be making a return ….. this is the recipe they need …..not cooking shows or more reality tripe …..

  2. Totally over these types of cooking shows totally and I’m afraid this one is not unique enough to draw me to watch – but Bella may be right re the Saturday evening position.

  3. I think TEN should run these cooking shows on Saturday night. It may rate ok. I like Dominque. She is always good on Ready Steady Cook and was also on The Circle.

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