Big Brother: update

Nine has just extended tonight’s episode of Big Brother to 90 minutes from 7 – 8:30pm.

Presumably this is to maximise from interest in Ava’s intruder arrival (finally) and serve as counter-programming toΒ The X Factor.

This will mean The Farmer Wants a Wife now starts at 8:30pm and Embarrassing Bodies from 9:30pm.

Hopefully EPGs will be updated ASAP?


  1. To David Knox#

    Just want to say i feel quite sad for a fact that Angie the one who talks peoples behind thier backs constantly is that she is upseting and becoming far too jeloursy and far too agressive against poor Estelle. Sure she may be alitle odd and strange young lady. But for a fact that Angie seems quite blonde arogant by all means. She only seems to wanna stire up trouble. The poor Estelle has a new friend she can socialise more with. I can’t stand typical girls like that who talks people behind thier backs. And who does it in the bb house ? angie of course. I have a feeling she would be more chances of been evicted. We simply don’t want drama again. From all im seen its the only angie who seems to be arogant then any other person in the big brother house.

  2. Have tried to watch House husbands and farmer off
    my pvr. Just Sharing that I allowed 75 mins to record a 60 min show and I missed the end of both shows! I don’t watch it live coz I like to watch shows when I want to! So thanks 9 for not being able to stick to your schedule πŸ™
    @ unclepete Thanks

  3. After reading all these comments, I think the reprogramming or rearranging of a networks schedule is the biggest gripe. When a show goes fri 60-9mins and start times for other shows is stuffed around people become frustrated and annoyed!
    I feel that all commercial networks ate guilty of this to some degree. But I feel my trust in 9 is lower compared to other networks, but they all still annoy me!!
    Start a show on time. Give it a decent run in its time slot, then move to multi channel quickly if you need to rather than yank it out of the schedule. Still waiting for CSI Miami final 6 eps, but thanks for airing Harry’s Law.
    Rant over πŸ™‚ Thank you

  4. Hmm so much of a change back and forward this and that the issue with the time slots know extending it just because theres a new intruder in the big brother house… and if not mistaken Dallas the new series has been cancel and channel 9 does not no what they really want nor they are fully prepare to make a television network correctly. So much planed for new series and new reality tv show big brother months leading to and after the olympic games. Seriously i have a hard time and a headache because big brother show seems like the time slot is all messy.. One minute the big brother confidential was at 930 now its 730 or 8p and it just keeps ruine us all,, I dont think i can keep up with ch9 really. They should well and trulley plan it correctly months before dealing issues and all that. I dont no if channel 9 is all robots and all prime time programes are automatically added or its human erraon channel 9 controls. Anyways i be watching the last night bb show today since i was in bed with a headache so im glad ive filmed it. I just hope there wont be more changes.. too much issues with channel 9. whats wrong with them? love to know.

  5. @TVGuy… per @unclepete..I have nothing to answer to you for….David is big enough and old enough to manage his page. I could say..thanks for noticing me…but you’ve only apparently noticed half my comments on this site….and the attention is problematic in nature.

  6. @TVGuy – I regularly bag 9 as well – far more often than any other network (although I do get a kick into the others when they do something stupid). With good reason IMO. And I have seen Susan bag other networks on occasion.

    In fact, you might want to survey all the posts on these pages to be sure, but from my eye 9 seems to catch more of a bagging than other networks. But that says more about 9 than people on here, I reckon.

    There is nothing wrong with what she has posted πŸ™‚

    In any case, it is not your place to tell people how they are to use this site. It is David’s. Only he should be allowed to make a comment such as yours. (And yes, I see the irony in this post :P)

  7. @SusanP……Do you have an issue with the 9 network?? I am a little concerned that your using this website to vent you dislike to that network.
    and before anyone tags with that network…no I dont work for them or for any network… The point I am making here is this… I dont mind people putting down any network..yes we a right to voice our concerns but I have noticed SusanP has been constantly disliking the 9 network since the olympic games… before that you didnt comment on this site. this site is a great site.. provided that it is used in the correct manner but not in the manner that susan has been using it for…. please..if you have any problems with any of the network running their business and trying to make money and compete against eachother…please ring or write to the networks…or better still…put a full page ad in the paper.
    you of all people should be aware that its a business!

  8. Is it just me or is anyone else finding the hour long eps of Big Brother to be too short? Glad that tonight is an hour and a half. They should do this more often.

    Fans who record the show should just set their PVR to record for two hours from 7pm every weeknight.

  9. They should be making the Sunday eviction shows 90 minutes as compressing 2 days worth of action into 15 minutes is beyond terrible.

    At least this won’t conflict with Puberty Blues which deserves a break!

  10. This is very poor treatment of the fan-base. They not long put one line advising a ’90 minute special’ on the Official BB page and half the fans are confused and thrown because some have set up to record it (most btw to rid themselves of the saturation ads).

    This dismissive behaviour is really poor from 9 and none of the guides I’ve seen have been updated. Loads of people will be at work or away from the internet…so…sucks boo to them apparently.

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